How to enable Android O like Notification Dots on your Android phone?

Notification dots

In the previous post at you came to know about the new and enhanced features of Android O. One of the interesting thing you would have found is the inclusion of Notification Dots which means whenever you receive a notification in Android, you will also see a dot on the app signifying the notification. Unlike notification badges present in iOS the Notification Dots never feel like they are in your face, rather they act as a subtle reminder. Before you read further as how to enable Android O like Notification dots on your android cell phone note that if  you don’t own a Pixel or Nexus device, you are still on the waiting list for the Android O update. Follow the simple steps as given below and enable Notification dots right now.

Enable with third party app

Nova Launcher

All you need is to download a third party app like the Nova launcher and install on your phone. Nova Launcher is one of the best third party launcher apps available on the Play Store. The developers of the launcher are always quick to include upcoming features of the newest version of Android and they have just brought an update that lets you use the notification dot feature on any Android device. However, to enable this feature, you will need to install the paid version of the app, Nova Launcher Prime ($4.99).

After you have made Nova Launcher your default home launcher, go to “Nova Settings” and scroll down and tap on the “Notification Badges” option. All you have to do is to select the “Dots” option, and it will enable the Notification Dot feature on your phone.

Nova Launcher app

Nova Launcher even goes an extra mile to let you customize the position and the size of the dot. You can choose to show the notification dot in either of the four corners of the App. Now, whenever an app receives a notification, you will see that subtle dot on your app.

Nova Launcher

However, long press to reveal the notification feature is still not working but you will see this feature sooner than later.

These dots essentially show you when you have messages and notifications on your various applications, and allow you to preview them and quick launch the app if you want to respond. Nova Launcher has had this as a paid setting for quite a while now, but it’s good to see the option baked in natively through the Pixel launcher.

So as Android O has got a lot of changes stay tuned here for more such answers to your questions to enable some of its features in your smartphones.