How to Win Online Poker Micro Stakes

If you are a consistent poker player, you might have realized that the game is becoming tougher year-on-year. From high stakes to micro ones, every time players are improving due to the pool of information available online to those wanting to consolidate their game.

It is necessary to keep learning, fix your leaks, and continually adding value to your knowledge and skills. With below mentioned online poker micro stakes guidelines, you may just be able to do that.

Follow Accurate Bankroll Management

poker bankroll management

It is quite obvious that having a solid bankroll is very important when playing online poker. Often players at the micro stakes do not pay much attention to bankroll management, but it is quite necessary to have a solid base upon which you can build the rest of your poker skills.

Having a bankroll management system in place is the most important tip you should never ignore. Just by keeping yourself at a level where you are profitable, prevents you from moving up stakes faster. At the same time, it will give you the liberty to play in a way in which you can optimize your expected value in each hand, and can help you ward off the dreaded tilt monster.

Avoid Tilt

Avoid tilt

Tilt has decimated, and even destroyed completely, the bankrolls of several poker players. While on tilt, you are bound to make irrational decisions that cost you money. It could wipe out a week’s or more profit from your bankroll in a few minutes.

Often playing for micro stakes is frustrating, as a large number of competitors make frequent moves and mistakes. Players often call down bets while chasing a flush when they should fold.

Be alert and wait for the mistakes of your opponents and don’t let the short term success overshadow your judgment. Taking small breaks of five or ten minutes every hour will do. This will help you keep thinking clearly and have a positive mindset.

Just take it easy if you made any mistake. Don’t make a fuss of it. Just remember, everyone, make mistakes. Now relax some time away from the table before putting measures into place to stop them from reoccurring.

Review Your Play

REview your play

After completing the play, have a habit of reviewing some of the hands you played. Just concentrate on the 10 highest pots you claimed and lost, look over the hand histories and analyze yourself as you do if you would have done anything differently. This is very important for you to realize your mistakes and strengths to form the right future strategy. In this way, you will be able to keep some important factors such as table dynamics fresh in your mind.

You could also keep track of those hands that landed you in trouble (even while playing), such as a point where you find yourself indecisive about the right move, or a spot where you wanted to bluff but didn’t. You can also take help of multiple tools available online with the calculation behind your decisions to decide if the bluff would have been beneficial or not.

Select Table Wisely and Play Selected Tables

select table wisely

Playing a large volume of hands may improve your skills when playing at low stakes but often it is better to prefer quality over quantity, particularly when you are not an expert poker player. Playing fewer tables will help you focus on the action to a higher level and you will be able to practice and exploit any patterns or weaknesses that you might witness in your opponents.

You must also select the right table suiting your playing style. Never select a six-handed table with all expert opponents. So better to reduce the number of tables you play. Take your time to select the perfect table for you, and opt for the right seat prudently to better the chances of having a position on the weaker players.


Always spend your time focusing on the thought process and even just enjoying this amazing game. Be calm, relaxed and fulfill all your human needs to come out a winner, irrespective of your results at the table. Even if you fail initially, following the above tips will boost your morale and help you become an expert poker gradually.