Improve Your Grammar with 5 Best Grammar Apps for Android

If you are not good at grammar and looking to improve your English Grammar, many amazing applications that can be your master. There are a lot of people could use a little work on grammar that is where the best grammar apps for Android comes into play! Here I have listed some of the best apps that can help you improve your grammar and you would be able to perfect your language like a professional.

1. Basic English Grammar

Price: Free / $1.49

Basic English Grammar
Basic English Grammar

This is the most basic grammar app featuring several lessons and tests to better your grammar. These lessons include over 230 grammar lessons, over 480 short tests, and an easy Material Design User Interface. It supports over 100 languages with a translator. Whatever your native language is, this app will help you improve your English grammar by enabling you to see what words mean in your native language. It is free of advertising. You can opt for a pro version as an in-app purchase for just $1.49.


2. Grammarly

Price: Free


Grammarly is widely used by millions of newbies as well as professionals also. It is one of the newer free grammar apps. It’s a keyboard, like Gboard or SwiftKey with features like auto-correct. It corrects your grammar as you type. You can refer this for things like commas, verb form, misspellings, missing words, and confusing words. It still has some bugs but still, it is a great tool and I hope it will fix those issues over time.


3. Udemy

Price: Free / Class prices vary


Udemy is yet another online learning platform covering all kinds of topics from cooking to tech, language and fitness, and all kinds of other stuff. You can buy a course and watch the videos, and hopefully learn some stuff. They offer a wide range of videos for grammar, English, writing, and other such things. All the prices vary depending on the quality, price, and length. This app is free along with some courses but most of it costs money.


4. YouTube

Price: Free / $12.99 per month

YouTube 1

YouTube is a great resource for most things. It includes things like grammar, punctuation, English, etc. Here you will get several educational channels with videos that focus a lot of things like proper English, speaking, writing, and grammar lessons. You need to find out.  Khan Academy is widely known for its math and science stuff as it has 118 videos on grammar on YouTube. We all know that YouTube is free, although you can pay $9.99 per month for YouTube Red with some extra features.


5. Your favorite ebook reader Kindle

Price: Free / Book prices vary

Your favorite ebook reader Kindle

This grammar app is an ebook platform. Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Google Play Books all these offers silos of educational books about writing, grammar, spelling, speaking, and all other stuff relevant to the topic. You can buy various books as it all varies in prices, but all ebook platform apps are free. You can also buy them once and they usually have more information than many apps. You can select the best one as per your need.



These are some handy and most popular online grammar apps that are mostly used by novice and professional both to improve their grammar. Better to try these apps as per your choice and preferences and get a better hand in English Grammar.