What four awesome things you can do with your Samsung Smart TV?

Four awesome things you can do with your Samsung Smart TV

These days many of those who can afford are making their household filled with latest tech gadgets like Google Home or Samsung Smart TV. Your smart TV offers exciting apps and games. Whether you have The Frame, a QLED, or any other Samsung smart TV, it’s easy to find the app you want and start enjoying more entertainment. Aside from installing or deleting them, you can also lock apps or set them to auto update. Once everything is all set with your apps, you can watch TV your way.

But besides apps and games there is more you can do with your Samsung Smart TV. That’s because, in addition to offering a next-level viewing experience, Samsung’s newest TVs come packed with innovations designed to amplify your enjoyment of all kinds of content.

 Here are the four awesome things you can do with your Samsung Smart TV

With Samsung smart Tv immersive displays and reach you can do work from home and be productive in the pandemic times too.

 Watch Free TV 

Watch free Samsung Smart TV

With Samsung TV Plus,  Smart TV users get instant access to over 20 channels spanning news, sports, entertainment and more – so you’ll never be at a loss when sitting down to stream. Samsung TV Plus is 100% free, and comes pre-installed on all 2017 to 2020 Samsung Smart TVs. No downloads, additional devices, or credit cards required. With a simple internet connection, you can pick up where you left off on recently watched shows, discover new ones, and access video-on-demand services with ease. With an ever-growing list of free channels – including CBC News, Wired, Funny or Die, TMZ and FilmRise Free Movies – Samsung TV Plus offers entertainment for every taste.

Do some workouts

Do some workouts with Samsung TV

To stay active even at home is the mantra for fitness. Are you studying at home or working from home  you can turn your living room into a workout studio. Luckily for Samsung Smart TV users, at-home workout videos catering to virtually all interests and abilities are just a few taps away.

Simply click on the exercise service of your choice, choose a workout to stream, and get started. It’s as simple as that. With the TVs’ high resolution, you’ll never miss a step while working up a sweat. Also with a variety of services available and more on the way, it’s easy to find the content you need to take your fitness routine to the next level.

Samsung’s new Samsung Health service offers a simple solution to satisfy Smart TV users’ fitness and wellness needs. Samsung Health combines free fitness content from world-class partners including the popular meditation app, Calm, as well as expert coaches who will teach you new fitness programs including stretching, weight loss, endurance training, and more. Compatible with 2018-2019 Samsung Smart TVs, the apps make it easy for users to workout at home.

Work from Home

Work from home with Samsung Smart TV

These days most people work from home and Samsung Smart TV is your friend to help you out. In addition to offering a range of options to help keep users active and entertained at home, Samsung Smart TVs make it easier to stay productive when it’s time to get to work. In 2019, Samsung introduced its exclusive Remote Access feature. Available on the company’s latest Smart TVs, it allows users to remotely access and manage their personal computer(s) through their TV, regardless of their PC’s location.

Remote Access also offers a wide variety of cloud-based documentation services that can make it easier for students to continue studying at home. They can even use a web browser to view online courses and live lectures on their TV’s spacious screen so they won’t miss a single note or detail.

Remote Access also comes equipped with Wi-Fi Direct which facilitates seamless screen sharing between TVs and PCs, mobile phones and tablets. This versatile feature opens the door for users to enjoy a wide range of content on their TV’s larger screen.

Have a leisure time

Leisure time with Samsung Smart TV

When you are done with your daily work and want to enjoy and have a leisure time, switch on to Samsung Smart TV. It is all about Samsung TVs’ Ambient Mode that can help you do just that. Ambient Mode enables Smart TVs to foster a relaxing environment by displaying works of art, family photos and other calming content when turned off. For those times when you’d like to completely tune out, you can program Ambient Mode to match the wallpaper or background of the space behind your TV so your screen will blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

 Transforming your TV into your own personal photo gallery is now easy thanks to Tap View. Available on Samsung’s latest TVs, Tap View lets you mirror photos and other media to your TV’s screen with a simple tap of your smartphone. Also with QLED displays’ revolutionary image technology, you can rest assured that your favourite snaps will be showcased in the full, high-resolution quality they deserve.

 Now if you are thinking of owning a Samsung Smart TV to avail these awesome benefits then do so for sure and read our next FAQ to find how to install a Samsung Smart TV.