What is Kik Messenger?

Kik Messenger is a free messaging and social networking application to send messages to other Kik users bypassing SMS (short message service).

Kik mostly appeals to the young generation due to its focus on privacy and anonymity. The best part is you do not have to register your phone number with Kik. You simply have to have your name and email through which the platform identifies you.

Using Kik you can share messages, photos, sketches, stickers, videos, mobile webpages, moji and other content with others on the platform.

Kik Features

It is a full-featured app with a similar look and feel like an SMS text messenger, but with many appealing perks. It stands out for its social media integration. You can invite your friends or family via SMS, email, or through Facebook and Twitter.

Video And Group Chats

You can even initiate a group chat either public or private with up to 49 other participants. You can directly chat with a group member, and you can decide whether or not you’re available for direct messages. You can disable the direct messaging feature in the group and nobody can message you.

You can even use it as an alternative to Skype or FaceTime. You can facilitate real-time video chat that’s similar to other video chat apps.

Bot Shop

Using Kik’s bot shop feature you can chat with them, take quizzes, and find fashion tips, news, advice, and other categories like Fun with Friends, Entertainment, Meet New People, Games, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty.

Young Chat Challenges

Kik has published expansive guidelines for parents whose kids use the platform. Still, parents cannot automatically see their kid’s Kik chats remotely. For this, they must have the password and view chats on the same device.

The Cops

This app has a Trust and Safety team which is available on call 24/7 for emergency disclosure requests. In the majority of events, kik can’t view written messages between users, but it can see videos and images. It can retain the data for 90 days in response to valid requests. It can even post police request forms in downloadable PDF format on its website.

Who can use Kik?

Kik is meant for those who are looking for lots of engaging features that let them interact and have fun online. It is not for everyone. The rules of online engagement apply on chatting with unknown, meeting unknown parties in real places, divulging too much information about yourself, and offering kids with the optimal amount of supervision and oversight.