How To Play Thunder Crash Slot Game At Crypto Casinos?

How to play Thunder crash slot

Thunder Crash is the new slot game to play on Android mobile, iPhone or PC with crypto currencies. Thunder Crash slot game has cute graphic design and simple rules. It is one of the crash games to play at online crypto casinos. Inspired by a retro feel, this slot revolves around a plane, and how far it can go before crashing.

The longer the plane goes the higher your payout will be. The minimum bet is 0.50 cents, and it is possible to win up to $100,000 with this game.

Game Theme

Thunder crash slot
Thunder crash slot

In this game everything takes place in front of a black grid and is designed with neon coloring. It kind of has a space invader feel to it, but with modern graphics. Space is the main theme, and in the background, you can see planets, asteroids, and satellites floating by. Even with its unique design, it is still easy to understand how much the payout will be. The center of the screen shows the multiplier, which continues to rise until the plane crashes. Comparing it to other crash gambling games the theme helps add to the fun of the gameplay. Other slots use the same gameplay mechanics but just show a line going up on a graph with no other design.

How to play Thunder crash slot game at crypto casinos?

Thunder crash slot - Game Rules
Thunder crash slot – Game Rules

Just like any slot game or blackjack game Thunder crash can be played at online casinos with USD or real Bitcoins, Litecoins, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and other crypto currencies.

Once you join the crypto casino of your choice you enter the casino to play instant game even on your mobile.

Make a friendly deposit with crypto currencies. Grab the bonus offer as a player and head to the slot games.

Tap or click on Thunder crash slot

Before you get to start, you get an option to choose from an in-game icon. There are 20 different icons to choose from. These icons are listed as passengers and are visible at the top of the screen for other players to see. Under your passenger and others, you’re able to see what their auto cash-out value is.

Auto cashout is the multiplier number you choose where you will automatically be cashed out. You can also choose to cash out before the plane crashes manually. The icons have a cube face design and make it fun to see what other players think the height of the plane will reach.

Thunder crash slot - Bets
Thunder crash slot – Bets

This means while placing your bet you input the amount of Thunder Coins and set a number the system will auto cash out your money. You can also set up auto bets and specify how much the system should bet for the next round. So essentially you can automate the whole process and just watch how the little plane soars through the sky while you sip coffee.

Players have 6 seconds within which to place their bet.

A bet cannot be cancelled after it has been placed

In this game you bet how high the plane will fly until it crashes. On its way there are various obstacles and the higher it goes the more coins you earn! Unless of course, the plane will crash before you cash out – then you lose your coins.

But, if you click the button to cash out at the right time, the amount of coins will be multiplied by the number that you’ve stopped on and that gives you more thunder coins to use in your next round and in result win even more money!

Thunder crash is straightforward when it comes to payouts. The amount you bet is multiplied by how far the plane goes, and if you can cash out before a crash. Each player gets 6 seconds to bet, which can’t be canceled after it’s placed. It is similar to the stock market, where you want to predict the highest point, and pull out before losing.

Game Features

Thunder crash slot - Game Features
Thunder crash slot – Game Features

The plane takes off and starts at a 1.00X multiplier and continues to rise. You set an amount to auto cash out and can choose to cash out any time before a crash. Once it crashes though, you lose what you bet if you don’t cash out. To give an example let’s say you bet $50. If the plane goes to 2.0X and you pull out, you will make $100. The fun comes in trying to guess the right time to pull out. The plane can crash instantly at a 1X multiplier or even go as high as 1000X.

Tips to play and win Thunder Crash

Thunder crash slot - Tips to play
Thunder crash slot game play
  • You can play by placing smaller amounts of coins on higher multipliers. For those players who want to take a risk, take the opposite approach and put bigger amounts on lower multipliers for a bigger payout.
  • You can also use various other techniques like doubling the amount each time you lose so, once you take a win, you can make up your losses. You can also use the variation of that and utilize the cancellation system.
  • More advanced players can even try their analytical skills and observe the last numbers the plane crashed that are visible at the top of the screen to find patterns, make predictions and so on.
  • Playing other crash games you can use the same type of strategies and try to cash out early for an easy payout. Plane crashes are random so trying to find the best time to cash out is fun, challenging, and requires a bit of luck to make the most money.

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Finally remember while at play connection issues can cause the multiplier to not synchronize correctly between the client and server. The auto cash out is always performed on the server and is not affected by connection issues.  Also the connection issues can cause the cash out request not to reach the server in time even if the button is pressed before the crash. Also note casino bonuses are eligible to play Thunder crash, but will contribute playthrough at the rate of 5% .


Q1. What are the best crypto casinos to play this game?

You can play this slot game at Bovada Casino, Café Casino, Ignition Casino and few others.

 Q2. What is the minimum crash point?

The minimum crash point is 1.00x multiplier

Q3. What is the minimum cash out?

The minimum cash out is 1.01x multiplier

Q4. What is the minimum bet?

It is 0.50 USD

Q5. What is the maximum bet?

The maximum bet depends on the auto cash out value and maximum payout. 

Q6. What is the maximum payout?

The maximum payout is 100,000 USD

Q7. Can I play for free?

Thunder crash is available to watch other players in action in practice play. To place a bet, you’ll need to be in real play.