Samsung is one of the popular smartphone brand in the world with a lot of innovation and creativity. It has lots of smartphone and tablet models from the affordable cell phone up to the premium model priced at thousand dollars. With a lot of variants, you can choose the best smartphone according to your budget.

The Statista Global Consumer Survey showed that Samsung smartphones is the number one choice of Americans aged 18- 40 years. After Apple, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus and the Galaxy S5 are the most popular phones among US residents.

The best Samsung phones to play games online

Though all the Samsung Android phones work best for games be it slot games or any other video game apps, here are the best ones you can get to play slots.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: This big, powerful and beautiful phone has an advantage over the competition in games like Fortnite, as you’ll be able to see more clearly, with more frames per second and unlike some more gamer-y devices, as it has a smooth and modern aesthetic. Not only does this have one of the biggest, brightest and highest resolution displays on the market – it’s all backed up by the latest Snapdragon and Exynos CPUs on the market today.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Both these phones offer nearly the same incredible smartphone gaming experience with only a minor difference in screen size.  The Snapdragon 845, Adreno 630 graphics, and 4GB of RAM (6GB in the S9 Plus) make both of these phones incredible performers both in game and out. The S9 has a plenty large and plenty sharp 1440 X 2960, 5.8-inch display, and the S9 Plus has an even larger 6.2-inch display with the same resolution. Both are Super AMOLED and support HDR10 for stunning visuals.

The new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus also feature Samsung’s Game Tools, which can help with taking screenshots, recording gameplay, and keeping notifications out of the way. Also Samsung has the impressive Gear VR headsets that offer super sharp virtual reality experiences with the Galaxy S9’s and S9 Plus’s pixel-dense displays.

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Our recommendation for the best Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. With its 6.2-inch screen with an AMOLED display as well as an impressive resolution of 2,960 x 1,440, the Galaxy S8+ is the perfect choice in terms of offering the best visuals. Though the battery life isn’t exceptional, the phone boasts a powerful processor that will further enhance gameplay for frequent players – that means no lag, regardless of what you’re playing.

Note that almost all of the Galaxy phones starting from the S3 and up as well as the Note 3 or higher are compatible with online casinos to play slots. Many versions of the Galaxy Tab, the Edge, Mini, and Ace devices are also compatible with the majority of online casinos.

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The Best Samsung Smartwatch Slots to Play

Though there are not a huge list of slots to play on Samsung smartwatch like Apple, but still you will find some of the popular slot machines to play like on your Gear 2 which has even had a game especially designed just to work on that model specifically. Microgaming’s Dark Knight Rises, is one of the most popular slot game in the company’s collection followed by Thunderstruck slots which is also available in a watch-compatible form.

This shows how Samsung’s latest technology even brings slots to its smallest screens on watches but with stunning graphics and single button to start spinning the reels. If you want to change your settings, like the number of lines or coins you are playing, you can do so in an options menu. You’ll be surprised at how well this can work to keep everything running smoothly and feel the same way as you play slots with your smartphone or PC.

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Points to remember when playing slots with your Samsung phone

When you choose to play slots with your Samsung cell phone, remember that you can play games instantly without the need to download anything. Many sites will offer an Android app that you can download to your phone or tablet. But even on these sites, you will normally also have the option of playing in your mobile web browser on a their mobile friendly version of their standard website.

Almost all the modern browsers work with Samsung phones when playing slots online. But always update your browser and keep the software up to date.

You need to have a good internet connection or a smooth WIFI to play slots online with your Samsung device.

Note that Google has some pretty strict controls over real money slots or casino apps, allowing them only occasionally in areas where gambling is fully licensed and regulated. But because the Android OS is open source, their apps aren’t as restricted as those made for Apple devices. That means that many casino sites can create their own apps and offer them for download directly – cutting the app store out of the process entirely.

You can play real money slots on your Samsung android cell phone easily. Just visit the online casino by typing the casino URL on your mobile browser with your Samsung phone and hit enter. The casino homepage will load and you can register at once by a single tap on the Sign up or Join button. Once done go to the banking page or cashier page and make a minimum deposit in USD or BTC to start playing real money slots or other casino games.

Note that if you wish to play real money slots with Geart2 smartwatch, making a deposit might be difficult or impossible, but if you already have an account set up, you can play these slots for real money even with that device.

You can enjoy play for fun slots as well. Simply locate a play for fun or free slots apps on Google play store and download to play for free with virtual coins; or simply visit any US friendly online casino and click on any slot game of your choice and play to practice the game. Remember but that you cannot play Progressive jackpot slot machines or Live casino or do sports betting for free. These games require real money deposits to play.

Finally remember that all the legit online casinos offer 24.7 help to players. In case you find any difficulty playing slots with Samsung or any other issue you face you can contact them via live chat, email or phone.