Review of Hit It Rich!

It’s off to see the wizard with the Wizard of Oz on the Hit It Rich free app from the Google Play Store. Other games include the Terminator, the glamorous Sex and the City and the not-so-glamorous Duck Dynasty. Offered by Zinga, Hit It Rich is the company’s top free slots game and you can play it on your Android device or on Facebook where you can share the game with your friends.

Wizard of Oz in Hit It Rich!
Wizard of Oz in Hit It Rich!

Themes and Bonuses

This is considered by many players to be one of the best slot games available, even if it wasn’t free. It has such a diversity of themes that it makes it a fun choice for anyone who wants to play. One advantage it offers is letting you start out rich. Play with 30,000 free coins before you even reach any of the bonuses.

With lots of bonus games, you never have to worry about getting bored. It is rated for Teens but parents can use their own discretion as some players find the themes are recognizable to a younger group. A word of caution, the content rating includes violence, blood, use of alcohol, and simulated gambling.

Hit It Rich has good graphics and many of the iTunes fans give it good marks for the big winnings. At the same time, it does make play challenging enough to keep it interesting. You also have the option to purchase additional coins. Hit It Rich requires Android 4.1 and up. You can also purchase in-app products at $.99 to $199.99.

Some players don’t consider Hit It Rich as competitive as other casino slots games but that doesn’t stop them from finding it completely addictive. To download your free app, go to the Google Play Store and start playing on your mobile device or Facebook account today.

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