Double Down Casino

Double Down Casino

Double Down Casino is the fun and interactive online casino application by IGT that brings more than 80 slot machines for you to play both in classic and tournament mode. The payouts at the casino are generous, the games are social, and as a visitor can play for free every day.

You have to have a Facebook Account to play Double Down casino either on your mobile through the Double Down Casino App or just play as a guest for fun. You can get some daily generous bonus with extra every day from having friends who play Double Down as well. Your balance and progress is shared across the Facebook and mobile devices, so you can take your game on the move. All 80 and over games are always unlocked at Double Down Casino.

However, since you can get free daily chips and save them, many players log on, get their chips, and save up for when they have time to enjoy the games. It is all because IGT provides some excellent software for playing casino games.

Games at the casino

You will find among the slot machines some most popular titles such as The Twilight Zone, American Idol, The Brady Bunch and Star Trek fill out a large selection of classic and modern themes. The premium slots can require hefty minimum wagers, so you have to keep an eye on the number of lines and bet per line before you move down your chips.

Besides Slots you will find Poker games and its variants, Roulette, Blackjack, Bingo and other classic games. Also there are tournaments to play. There are four types of tournaments available:

  • 50 players
  • Shootout (10 players with prizes to the top 2),
  • MegaPrize (500 players, prizes to the top 100)
  • Hi-Lo (10 players with prizes to first and last place).

Different slot machines are offered every day in the Tournaments lobby, it is therefore better to log in daily to have your favourite machine.

To play all games just register yourself with your email address or simply log-in with a Facebook account.

When you do that you agree to give Double Down your email address and your birth date. To access Double Down Casino games you have to be 21 and above or according to their rules for countries.

Once you are registered you’ll have some free chips to play with. After you lose those, you’ll get a few more, and then, boom: it’s not free anymore.

Double Down is also available for play using smartphones like iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle.

Bonus and Promotions

DoubleDown is reliable to play and you will find no issues with coins not being paid out properly or the game crashing. There are also many promo codes to play at this casino. To use the promo codes of Double Down Casino while playing you click on the add money button at the top of the screen. This will bring up a pop-up to buy more money, but at the bottom of the pop-up there’s a button that says extra. When you click that a window opens to enter a promo code. You can find doubledown casino promo codes at

Deposit and Withdrawals

As no real money is involved in playing these games so there need not be any deposits to make. When you want to play the 80 and over slots, poker, bingo, video poker or slot tournaments, you’ll have to buy some chips. Virtual chips may not be cashed-in for anything. They have no monetary value. So that’s obviously different from a regular casino, but the fact is that it’s going to cost you real money to buy fake chips. As an example like 150,000 Chips at $3.00

Customer Support

Double Down Casino offers great support to its players. The help is available through their casino web page. You will find loads of questions and answers that will help you in your game play at the casino. The support is available in five different languages with English as prime language.