5 Amazing Prank Call Apps for your Android Phones

For some people, it is fun while others suffer big time. Pranks calls, in general, are a huge disservice for the one on the receiving end but seems fun for the user. Due to certain legalizations, prank calls nowadays are difficult to pull off. We live in a more sensitive society where people are offended on the simplest of arguments. But we still manage to pull their leg by joking or pranking them. Also, some of these people view it differently from a third-party perspective and there are apps for even those who like to see the demise of the victim of a prank call. Below are some of the best apps available at Google Play in Android for all those pranksters out there.

1. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder
Automatic Call Recorder

The name explains itself. This app is very popular among general call recorder apps. It is mostly used for business and general purposes. This app however also has the feature of prank calling others. So you can carry out the call and record it so that you can have fun later as well. Google Drive and Dropbox backups are supported by the app. The cost for this app at Google Play is $6.99

2. JokesPhone


With a bunch of pre-recorded prank calls, the JokesPhone is a prank call app for the third-party viewers. The prank would be secure as the call will be made from a third–party service and hence, the call would be untraceable t your phone keeping your identity confidential. The call is also recorded afterward. The app is free of cost and you can also enjoy another app called Juasapp which is identical to this one.

3. Pocket Casts

 Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts

One of the most popular prank call apps, Pocket Casts is good for prank calls as well as podcasts. There are many different options when it comes to prank podcasts such as the Prank Call Podcast, Madhouse Radio, The Snow Plow Show, and many others. There are other different podcast pranking apps as well such as the Google Podcasts, Doggcatcher, or Podcast Addict. With a price of $3.99, this app is available on the Google Play Store.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

One of the most popular videos streaming websites is not just a platform like Netflix, Hulu, or other websites. Amazon Prime Video also has some of the best prank calls shows streaming on it. One of the most popular prank call shows being Crank Yankers which is being aired for the last 20 years and so. Also, there are other prank call shows as well so feel free to check them out as well. The price for subscription is $12.99 per month that rounds up to $119.99 per year.

5. YouTube


For streaming pranks on the social media platform, what better app than YouTube to stream? This almighty app streams millions of channels and you can find thousands of prank call videos over here. Just like in any other video streaming websites such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc. YouTube also has some of the top-notch pranks from the show Crank Yankers and the Jerky Boys. It is free of service and available on Google Play.