Bangalore based Samsung’s New ‘Opera House’ Store is the Largest Across the Globe

Samsung has just announced on 11th September 2018 the opening of its biggest “mobile experience store” worldwide to promote its tables, smartphones, and other related tech devices.

This new store is in the Indian city of Bengaluru — which is also known as Bangalore — a city that has already earned a name for itself as the nation’s tech capital.

Bangalore based Samsung’s New ‘Opera House’ Store is the Largest Across the Globe

Samsung has renovated the city’s Grand Opera House building, constructed during the British colonial time, to make this work for it.

Just like the lavish Samsung 837 location that was opened in New York City in 2016, Bangalore based Samsung Opera House is not a place for buying any Samsung stuff. Rather, it’s about trying devices, and having experiences although it would definitely encourage you to purchase at one of its several resellers or brand stores.

As per Samsung, it wants to bring together lifestyle, technology, and innovation to offer audiences with unique experiences.

Such experiences might include getting hands-on experience with Samsung’s tablets, smartphones, and wearable tools, and trying out Samsung tech associated with virtual reality, internet of things and artificial intelligence.

If you enjoy the adventure of kayaking or rowing, The VR experience that you gain here must not be missed and it is waiting for you. Samsung also delivers an example in its marketing bumph, including the fitness enthusiasts that can cycle through scenic Europe with one of your friends. Here you can also find a “home theater zone” where you can watch movies and enjoy your favorite TV shows with friends and family.

Competing with Xiaomi

Competing with Xiaomi

The opening of Samsung Opera House is also an indication that the company’s trying to boost its profile in a country where it has a lot of leading smartphone seller alongside Chinese tech company Xiaomi. As per the most recent quarter of estimation, the two firms accounted for 60 percent of smartphone market in India, with each one having 10 million consumers using their respective devices.

Samsung had ruled the roost of the Indian market for more than five years until 2017 when it was toppled by Xiaomi, but if the data of this year is considered it is staging a comeback. Ironically, Apple has less than two percent of the Indian smartphone market, with most consumers opting for cheaper devices over Apple’s pricier offerings.

With a hope to capitalize its resurgence, Samsung recently also has opened a 32-acre mobile-phone factory close to the Indian capital of New Delhi, which is claimed to be the largest of its type across the globe when it comes to the facility. This factory will allow the South Korean tech giant to manufacture 120 million phones every year in the country, almost doubling its current capacity of manufacturing.