Galaxy S11 Also Might not have a Headphone Jack

The big rumor that has been making the rounds is that there won’t be any headphone jack in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.  The leak also reveals that the same is also going to happen in the first big Galaxy Note 10 Pro as well. This news, therefore, isn’t good for those who are looking forward to the Galaxy S11.

If there are certain steps taken regarding the headphone jack in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, then it is safe to say that there isn’t going to be one in the Galaxy S11 and was pretty inevitable.

Headphone Jack on Galaxy S11 is Missing

Galaxy S11 Also Might not have a Headphone Jack 2

The headphone jack is being eliminated due to the flagships. The Galaxy Note 10 has usually been used by pros only, and if they are convinced with the fact of not having a headphone jack, then chances are the following Galaxy S11 will undergo the same changes.

This, however, is not the first device in Samsung that doesn’t have the headphone jack. There have been numerous others as well for example the Galaxy Fold or the Galaxy A80. The Galaxy Tab S5e also follows the same list. These devices, however, don’t even cut it, when it comes to the flagships regarding the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagships.

Now, there can be many reasons that Samsung would give to its clients about the free space for the battery or the slimmer design. One could also probably say that Samsung has to get along with the times and trend where most of the new generational phones don’t really have a jack whilst coming along with additional features.

Get Galaxy Buds for Free

Get Galaxy Buds for Free

Of course, the amends have already been made or still are under process of giving the users a pair of Galaxy Buds for free. They have already given out the Earbuds freely with the Galaxy S10 series. But for those who have a sucker for the wired headphones will just have to buy the USB Type-C adapter that will help you.

So, the million dollar question is would you skip the Galaxy Note 11 just because it won’t have the headphone jack? Because it is very rare that they would bring it back like those removable batteries that people still whine about but we all know they aren’t coming back. Samsung knows very well that none of the other flagships are offering the headphone jack. So the customers are kind of addicted to the high-end devices and probably will get over it in a year or so.