How to Get Free Coins on House of Fun Game App?

Getting free coins when you play House of Fun casino on your Samsung Galaxy phone is very easy. All it takes is Google Play and a steady hand to win those free coins. House of Fun app from Playtika has over 20 million players & is free to download. The app adds over 180 new casino slot machines & 777 slot machine games each week- so you will never be bored. Each time you level up or play a game you get to win free bonus coins.

House of Fun Slots

The House of Fun app has some of the most stunning graphics, coupled with novel & captivating games among free slot machines & online casino apps today. With your Samsung android phones, it’s easier than ever to keep spinning and leveling up for free coin packs! With several slot games to choose from – like Vegas slots, Rapid Fire Jackpot, Fairytale slots and Progressive slots, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss this chance to join the exclusive club of avid slot gamers who win daily Free coins!

Start playing daily exclusive challenges like the Winners Challenge, Spin City and the Fountain of Gold. Play to win free bonus coins to gain extra big wins. The biggest reason for House of Fun to be the top choice for slots fans is the daily chance to win assured free coin packs. Regular players get to win each time they level up too!

Can I get free coins when I install an app?

Yes, you can! You get 100 free spins when you install the game! Also, look for the for the Puffin web browser on the Samsung app store or Google Play Store. It’s fast and you can play House of Fun without interruption. Remember that your free coins are only available for the first ever time you download the game. If you’ve downloaded & played this game before on the phone you are currently using, you may not get your free coins.

How do I continue collecting Free Coins?

The Puffin Browser functions like your desktop browser so any coins you collect from the bonus page opens the House of Fun on Facebook. The game loads in the browser just as it would when you use your computer. Collect your coins while switching windows or tabs. Remember to login with the same Facebook account so all the coins you collect will be credited to you.

Lobby Get Bonus coins

The more you play, the more you win. You can collect free coins every 3 hours – the best way of course, is to keep a tab open on your browser and go back every 3 hours to collect your bonus coins. Level up with the Wheel of Fortune and win free coins each day. Remember to spin the Wheel each day – only then can you multiply your free coins and slots bonuses.

Can I get coins on a Bonus Coins Page?

You can get more coins than in the House of Fun Facebook page by visiting the House of Fun Free Coins bonus page each time you play – it’s a network of House of Fun players who share bonus links using the ShareLinks Plugin. This page helps players to post their links by browsing their Facebook NewsFeed- using it lets you collect more free bonus coins and spins than you can collect from your Facebook friends. Remember to visit reliable free coin generators for your free coin bonuses.

Are there any Facebook Hacks?

Facebook page House of Fun

A lot of seasoned players forget that they get free coins on the House of Fun Facebook page. Don’t worry! House of Fun won’t spam your page on your behalf unless you yourself decide to post something about House of Fun! Always remember to click on the Facebook icon you see in the lobby and connect to your account.

Do I get Coins or spins on each level?

Yes, you do! This means that you receive more free coins & more chance to level up the ladder and play for endless Free Coins! Check the House of Fun Facebook page regularly for chances to finish puzzles or for free spins to level up & chances to win Free coin packs. Daily challenges such as the Winners Challenge & Spin City get you free bonus coins too – make sure to keep a look on the House of Fun Facebook page for daily challenges to up your chances of winning free coin packs & more spins.

Bonus Page
House of Fun Bonus Page

How do I save on my mobile data plan?

The Puffin browser helps you play House of Fun quicker, so it eats up a lot of your data. Wherever possible use a WiFi connection to play your games. Open up only your House of Fun Free Coins Bonus page and after successfully collecting a bonus, close your Facebook page.

Remember to keep collecting those free coins every 3 hours!