Samsung Ready to Introduce a Folding Phone

Samsung is now ready to introduce a folding phone in some form since 2011. As per a report, we’ll get a folding phone from Samsung by the first quarter of 2019, maybe at CES or some other industry event.

As per the patent designs, it seems that the phone will have a wallet shape, folding into a square which you can easily carry on the already tight pocket of your skinny jeans. Yet another design show that the phone can fold vertically. It is somewhat like a Nintendo DS standing on its side. The designs are innovative.

Tired of Rectangle Shape Phones

Tired of Rectangle Shape Phones

We all are tired of rectangle shape phones. Probably this has inspired Samsung to try something innovative as Apple hasn’t innovated in years, and the rest of the market is just plodding along with another set of black rectangles and notches year after year. Although there are slight improvements in camera specs or applications, when it comes to the overall design and layout, we’re still looking at the same phones every year. Perhaps a folding phone is the answer.

Is Folding Phone The Future?

Is Folding Phone The Future

Yet, we do feel like we need folding phones like we need new inventions. It’s a new approach that you might have seen in a science fiction movie made in the 1980s, but outside of this world, do you need an extra screen for text messaging and being creepy on Tinder? Do we require a thicker device in our pockets?

We can understand the difference between a normal phone and a folding phone this way. A folding phone is for those people who are already using the so-called bi-fold vertical phone wallets, showcasing their IDs and credit cards every time they take out their phone. Primarily a folding phone is for those who wear cargo shorts and calf socks with dress shoes and carry their fanny pack over their shoulder.

As per the CNBC report, you can see this magical folding phone before CES, at the Samsung Developers Conference in November. That’s a great new because nothing would close out this year better than this phone that folds into the size of a wallet. What do you think about folding phones? Is it something you would you like to see them in the near future?