Top 10 Fitness Games to play on Samsung in 2020

Working out is as important as breathing in your life. It keeps you fit and helps you maintain your physique or carve it in better shape. It can although get quite boring to work out. Something that you do over and over each day without getting any results can sometimes also prove to be hopeless and worthless to people. Because there are music and podcasts, people can pass through this storm. Although some people may want some kind of additional motivation to engage themselves in this daily exercise routine. Below are the best fitness games and workout games for Android:

There might be some games on this list that have nothing to do with the user’s workout. They usually build your own customizable bodybuilder character game or you can build a gym sort of game as well. However, even those games at least encourage the player to work out.



Price: Free

A motivation app more than a game app, Achievement pays you to do fitness stuff. To spoil you occasionally with something this app does a pretty good job but it doesn’t mean that you can leave your job. This app keeps a record of your stats and academics which can be used as a study material source. You get points for every time you log your stats. Prizes can be even earned by trading those points for them. This app is free to download and easy to use.


2.Burn Your Fat With Me

Burn Your Fat With Me

Price: Free / Up to $3.49

A dating simulator with a fitness factor, Burn Your Fat With Me resembles largely to a Doctor Layton or Phoenix Wright game. Although there are no solving puzzles and riddles in this game instead you are trying to burn fat. Various in-game achievements are available as well such as doing 50 sit-ups under three minutes and other achievements in the game. You don’t see a visual novel and dating sim aspect in a fitness app every day. The link at the bottom is for the gentlemen, there is one available for the ladies as well.




Price: Free trial / $9.99 per month / $89.99 per year

If you have a stationary bike at home, CycleCast comes to you fitness freaks like a guardian angel. With real instructors, music and other elements spin classes can be taken at home. In 20, 30, 45, and 60-minute increments, this app provides you with 800 cycling workouts. It may not be a fun game, but by all means, it boasts about killing the boredom you feel while working out alone by interaction with other users. Other similar apps include Arcade Fitness, CycleGo, and many others. Another popular option for stationary cyclists is Peloton.


4.Fitness RPG

Fitness RPG

Price: Free to play

A simple mobile gacha game, Fitness RPG is filled with the usual turn-based combat, different heroes to play with, a story to play through, and online PvP inside it. An energy system is also available to limit its use. That limit, however, can be overcome by walking. The app gives you free energy when you walk to play the game and acts as a pedometer. Google Fit or Fitbit can be connected to the app so that you don’t have to count your steps. It might not be the most inspiring game in the genre but it does a pretty decent job of being unique due to its pedometer function.


5.Pokemon Go and similar games

Pokemon Go

Price: Free to play

The trend of these past years has been of the augmented games which require walking around to get stuff. Pokemon Go is the most popular one of them. Basic mechanics of the game is to walk around, Poke Stops can be spun for loot, and battle with other players at the gym. This game cannot be played at home thus giving you a reason to stay fit and walk around. Other productions from Niantic if Pokemon is not your forte are Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Ingress. Jurassic Park Alive and The Walking Dead: Our World are some of the other games in the genre. Below is the link for the list of other games if you want to know about them.


6. Wokamon


Price: Free to play

A hybrid between a fitness game and a Tamagotchi style simulator, Wokamon isn’t much different from the other games on the list. It gives you in-game stuff when you walk a couple of steps. The primary idea of the game is to earn more and more Wokamons as you walk in real life. It helps the planet if they walk and gain energy from walking. There is a very little amount of player interaction which makes the game nimble and sweet.


7. Walkr


Price: Free to play

A hybrid of a fitness game and an adventure game, in Walkr the steps are recorded by the app when players walk around. Those steps are then used to move the players around the game universe. There are various missions to complete in the game across the 50 planets of the universe and also a goal that helps you reach 10000 steps every day. The game world is affected by the missions so things are built as you go. Although the game did not show any issues during the testing, players complained however after the release that the steps were not being registered.


8. Zombies, Run!

Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $24.99 per year

It is a game for joggers, runners, and walkers. When you start your workout, the game starts and continues as you cover more distance. You get over 300 story missions to accomplish and many of them have you running away from a zombie group and not finishing the level until you run far enough. It’s a real fitness game on Samsung and it will take a long to mature. Coming with new and improved content cost developers and this is where the subscription cost helps them cover the expense. It’s much cheaper compared to most fitness subscriptions.


9. Zwift


Price: Free / Varies

Zwift is yet another cycling game for people who have bikes at home. This is a game. You have to connect your device to Zwift and then race other players. You will find almost 1,000 structured workouts, plenty of games, and some other things you can do. It has great fun to race people than it is to bike alone. The only drawback is you would require some sort of sensors like Zwift Run Pod or a Wahoo RPM Cycling and Cadence Sensor to integrate with the app.


10. Fitness games on other platforms

Fitness games on other platforms

Price: Varies

Gaming is not the only platform where you will find fitness games and there are many more as well. There are plenty of workout games for other platforms also. These include Ring Fit Adventure, Fitness Boxing, and Just Dance 2020 on the Nintendo Switch along with Beat Saber on the Oculus Rift and PS4. You would have many options like the old Wii Fit and many others. If you are fond of video game systems, better to find many platforms to see if there are any workout games for your consoles. 



These are some of the most amazing and effective workout and fitness games for your Samsung device. All these apps and fitness games will not only entertain you but it will also keep you fit and healthy!