Top 10 Games Similar to Animal Crossing for Android

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on the Switch. It’s the maiden console game with five million in digital sales in its first month and also the top-selling game of March 2020. Many are curious if there is a similar game on Android. The fact is, there isn’t a game like Animal Crossing on any other platform. It is a class of its own. You will find some games with some similarities but cannot match with Animal crossing anywhere. It’s a social and life simulator with exploration, crafting, and plenty of adorable animals. Here are the best 10 games like Animal Crossing for Android if you are an avid fan of Android games.

1. Castaway Paradise

Price: Free to play

Castaway Paradise

It was the premiere Animal Crossing clone on mobile. It has a lot of the same material. In this game, you have to start on an island and then do things like catch bugs, fish, decorate your house, plant things, and even do quests for villagers.

The UI is a bit cluttered and difficult for new players. The camera movement is great. Plus, there are some other bugs also. It’s is a decent game like Animal Crossing on mobile.


2. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked

Price: $4.99

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked

This game doesn’t match the cutesy, relaxed nature of Animal Crossing. It has a lot of ideas. Here you start on a deserted island and you set out to collect things and make things to make it yours. You need to stay alive long enough to do all of the activities. This game is a bit buggy often and the controller support could be better. Otherwise, it is a nice survival game about fixing up a deserted island to make it your own.


3.Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Price: Free to play

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

This is an Animal Crossing game available on mobile. The game isn’t as large as the Nintendo Switch version, but it has a lot of similar components. You kick start with a campsite and then you need to add to it with a bunch of stuff you discover as you progress the play. The game boasts over 1,000 pieces of furniture, 300 pieces of clothing, and a variety of mini-games for so many things to do. It’s similar to a true Animal Crossing experience on mobile because it is an actual Animal Crossing game.


4. Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

Price: $9.99

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

This is one of the largest Animal Crossing competitors and there is a full game on mobile. Entirely based on Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley but it’s not a real port, but an original game in the series. You will perform a lot so stuff like plant stuff, interact with villagers, find pets, and much more. It’s a little bit closer to a farming sim than it is a life sim like Animal Crossing so the tempo and feeling are much different.

Still, the activities are almost the same and the game is quite cool and relaxing. You can have Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories for $9.99 with no in-app purchases or ads, but you may often find on sale for half price. You may encounter some bugs with this one, so make sure to give it a good testing before the refund period ends in case it doesn’t work on your phone.


5. Poom Games

Price: Free to play

Poom Games

Being a developer on Google Play with a couple of games like Animal Crossing, Poom Games has the first game as Cat Forest. You start with a campsite, gather visitors, and do a bunch of other things. You can collect stuff, build things, grow stuff, and a little bit more. The other option is Animal Camp and it’s a building sim about an island resort town. It goes like Cat Forest except there are more animals than just cats and it’s on an island not in a forest. Both of them are a great option for players and amazing time killers.


6. Happy Street

Price: Free to play

Happy Street

This is a 2D hybrid game of a city building sim, farming, and social sim. In this game, you build up a town for the benefit of its citizens, gather different resources, farm stuff, customize your character, and explore the nearby areas. It’s not quite similar to the real Animal Crossing game, but there is enough to feel that excitement. It’s a chill game which you can play at your own pace. The only downside is you need to have a Facebook account to play.


7. Stardew Valley

Price: $6.99

Stardew Valley

This is an amazing alternative to Animal Crossing for the same reason Harvest Moon works as an alternative. Here you will not get the cutesy animals or the super chill feel, but everything else you’ll find here. You will build up your abandoned farm, do activities for and with the local townspeople, go for fishing, craft things, grow plants, and much more. This is highly recommended over Harvest Moon as it is in development with fewer bugs. Also, this one is free if you use Google Play Pass and $6.99 without it (with no in-app purchases).


8. Minecraft (or Terraria)

Price: $6.99 with in-app purchases

Minecraft (or Terraria)

This is a classic game. It’s a decent substitute for the same reason. In Minecraft you do farming, craft things, explore, build your own house, and do whatever you want. You may not get the relaxing feeling of Animal Crossing nor are there cute talking animals. Still, every other part of the game is here in some way. You can go fishing, although it’s admittedly not as entertaining in Minecraft as it is in Animal Crossing. You can play Terraria also which is a great substitute to Minecraft.


9. Emulators

Price: Free / $4.99


In this game, there are several Animal Crossing games on older consoles. But some of them aren’t available without emulation and better to have an emulator. The best three are DraStic DS Emulator (linked at the button), M64Plus FZ (Nintendo 64),  and Dolphin Emulator. You can play the original Animal Crossing (Nintendo 64 or GameCube, your choice) and Animal Crossing: Wild World (Nintendo DS). You should have the original copies of the game so it’s not illegal. To get the best of these Animal Crossing on mobile you should have Emulators as long as you do it legally.


10. Seabeard

Price: Free to play


This is yet another older staples for games like Animal Crossing. In Seabeard, you will start as a pirate and can do whatever you want. Some major stuff you could do includes exploring the surrounding islands, cook food, meet characters, trade stuff, and even rescue other shipwrecked people. In this game, the free to play elements are less than expected, but the game doesn’t require them all that much.



So are you ready to try these games out for fun and if you have leisure time? I would suggest trying out each game if you are fond of the Animal Crossing game at your Android to have the best gaming experience.