How to use unlock methods to keep Samsung Galaxy Note 8 safe and secure?

How to use unlock methods to keep Samsung Galaxy Note 8 safe and secure?

Safety is the prime objective in today’s scenario be it your life, house, car or phone. When using smartphone you need to be more cautious as it contains your privacy, data, details of your online banking and various app passwords. Though most of the cell phones available today have in built methods to keep your data all safe still there are many ways to make things in control. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is secure phone and has included multiple ways to make it more safe. One of the ways is to use unlock methods. Here are various ways you can put in use this method for extra safety of your phone.

First note that there are eight types of unlock methods available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Five of these are classic methods, while another three offer biometric protection. Let’s see one by one how these unlock methods work:

1. Swipe method

As you know commonly this method is available in almost all the latest phones, all you need is to swipe to go from the lock screen to your home screen. It’s very easy and convenient, but is least safe as if your phone  get stolen any one can easily swipe to open it.

2. Pattern method

This method also most of you are aware of where your phone asks you to form a pattern to unlock your phone.  A pattern is likely the best balance between convenience and security. It displays a 9-dot square in which you can match dots to create a pattern.

3. PIN method

PIN is one of the most used method traditionally in all phones. All you need is to just pick a PIN number and keep your phone safe. This method is somewhat secure.

4. Password method

This method is more safe for your phone. As you need to set or create a unique password with certain characters, symbols or numbers and set them to unlock your phone.

Unlock Methods- Face recognition

5. Face recognition method

The phone will examine your unique facial features and use the frontal camera to recognize your identity. Samsung does warn the method could be fooled with a good enough picture or a very similar user. So not much secure in terms of safety.

6. Fingerprint scanner method

This is the most secure method in the list. Fingerprints have been used as one of the most secure ways to identify people. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does have a sensor. Like your biometrics it works in most secure way to unlock your phone keeping your data safe.

Screen lock

7. Iris scanner method

Like your fingerprint, your iris is unique and extremely hard to replicate. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 uses an IR LED and an Iris Camera to recognize the pattern in the colored area of your eyes. This is most powerful security one can ever get in a smartphone.

8. None method

This method is not at all safe so given in the last. This is where a careless user will not think of keeping his/her phone secure and all one need is to Press the power button and go straight to phone home screen.  Very much vulnerable but lazy people still have this method.

Change the unlock method

Unlock methods in Samsung- How to change the lock system

You can change the unlock method in your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and switch to the one you feel more comfortable with.

All you need is to access the Settings app> Select “Lock screen and security”>Select “Screen lock type”. Also if you have a previous security measure, input your credentials.

All the options will be laid out in the screen. Select the one you prefer.

Follow instructions after this. Each option has a different process. For biometric solutions you will have to register your fingers, eyes or face. In addition, some methods require a secondary level of security for those times when things just don’t work like you can use the fingerprint reader and a PIN both for extra security of your phone.

Now choose the one you wish to adopt for your phone to be vigilant always of spammers, hackers and other such unfavourable conditions that pose risk to your data and privacy.