Review of MyVegas Slots

MyVegas Slots is a free casino game available from the Google Play Store. Installing on your iPhone is easy and doesn’t cost anything to play. The update to MyVegas Slots includes two new games, including Bellagio which features progressive jackpots and bonus features. This game requires Android 2.3 and up and comes from PlayStudios.

MyVegas Slots is unique in that it is the only free slots game that allows you to earn loyalty points that you can use for hotel stays, travel packages, tickets to Las Vegas shows, meals, and more. A Trip Advisor thread shows some examples of how real life winners cashed in on their points. Simply download the app to your iPhone or Android phone on Google Play. This game surpasses the others that give you in-game credits by letting you win for real.

No Money? No Problem!

At the same time, MyVegas Slots does not require real money to play. This makes play even more fun by allowing you to win valuable credits without the risk of losing your money. To make it even better, it offers a world of fun play. The graphics are high quality and it includes a range of slot machines including Luxor, Frontier Fortune, Reel Chef, and Pirate Cove. There are also a whole lot more.

The more you play MyVegas Slots, the more chances you have to earn in-game credits. You also have the option to purchase additional credits. You may even win a trip to Vegas or at least get a better hotel for your stay.


The game is rated for Teens and it is a good choice for those with a great deal of experience playing slot machine games as well as those who are just starting out. You also have the added incentive to become a MyVegas Slots pro so that you have more options to spend your credits on the big prize.

With so many slot machine games available to choose from, it is easy to lose the thrill after repeating the familiar games. Knowing that you have the option to get something tangible from your efforts keeps MyVegas fresh and challenging in ways that other games cannot. It also offers free chip bonuses by the hour and the day. Play the game on Facebook and add to the competitive nature as you challenge your friends. There is truly a lot to like about this game, including the fact that it is free.

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