Review of Slots Paradise Vacation

Slots Paradise Vacation brings the excitement of a real casino to your phone. When you want to play, just tap and it will be ready to spin! Microsoft describes the game as being a dream to play because of the ease with which you can understand it and the big wins and incredible bonuses.

Slots Paradise Vacation has stunning, colorful graphics and smooth animations that make it fun to go through different levels. There are also great atmospheric sounds that make for an even better player experience. To give it a try, go to the Google Store and get the free download to your Android 2.3.3 or higher.

The Best Part

Nothing is more impressive about this slots game than the huge amounts of cash it pays out. That fact alone makes it a favorite for many players. The chances for bonuses in the tropical slot are especially huge. Once the free spin bonuses hit, the payouts just keep coming. It also comes with free starter coins to get you started. Slots Paradise Vacation is by Rocket Games, a leading name in casino slots games. This one is rated for Teens due to simulated gambling.

The graphics are an enjoyable part of the game, especially the wild parrot. They make getting to the bonuses and even more fun time. This is the newer version of the game with various bug fixes and optimizations included.

Slots Paradise Vacation 2

During game play, you can relax on a beachfront for a paradise vacation while winning a fortune with the Megabet opportunities. Slots Paradise Vacation includes a variety of casino favorites including Big Wins, Five of a Kinds, Mage Wins and more. When you match triple sevens, get blazing free spins along with bonanza rewards. Each slot machine has huge bonuses and builds progressive anticipation every time you score a hit. These and a lot more features make this game a leader in tropical casino slots.

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