6 Best Education Apps for Android to have in 2019

Mobile apps and technology have been around for quite some time. Due to its consistent evolution, we keep getting better tools and apps frequently and online learning app is also one of the most amazing things when it comes to online learning. Here are the best 6 education apps for android that you can easily download and use to keep your learning on even on your go!


Price: Free

EdX 2

EdX is a great education app as it offers courses from actual colleges rather than supplying courses from professionals. Although you will not get a certificate of degree learning from this app, there are courses in computer science, engineering, history, psychology, statistics, nutrition, and several other courses. It also offers online or offline video lectures, course announcements and handouts, and plenty of tutorials. All of it totally free! If you are looking for higher education you should download this app today.

2. Google Play Books

Price: Free / Varies

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is known as one of the best education apps out there. It offers the courses on subject ranging from comics, fantasy, and fiction to non-fiction, and virtually any other genre. You can also get a good range of educational books, textbooks, guidebooks, and other documents of educational value. Prices are usually similar to other ebook platforms. But if you do not like Google play books, can also try Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook.

3. Khan Academy

Price: Free

Khan Academy.jp

Khan Academy is yet another education platform offering a variety of courses and classes to people. Having over 10,000 instructional videos, classes, and other content, it all is available for free to everyone. It is more into typical education, like mathematics, economics, science, history, and more. It also launched an app specifically for kids with all the similar features. It’s one of the better free education apps more useful for kids.

4. MyScript Calculator 2

Price: $2.99

MyScript Calculator 2

MyScript Calculator 2 is a fun math app for everyone – kids and adults both. It can solve your problems with your finger or a stylus. It’s one of the most enjoyable calculators that you would have ever seen. It supports many functions like basic algebra, basic trigonometry, basic arithmetic, and some other stuff. You can learn to write out some things, like division and fractions in plenty of different ways. This app is highly recommended for grade school students, high school, and even part way into college. You can have this app for $2.99 with no in-app purchases.

5. SoloLearn

Price: Free


This is also an education app developed by SoloLearn – a developer of Google Play. They have plenty of education apps. Mostly their specialization is in computer programming.  Hence you can get plenty of apps teaching you a computer language. It ranges from Python, Java, C++, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and even Swift. All of the apps are absolutely free and each one has stellar user reviews. If you are into the computer programming field, chances are you would love all these apps.

6. YouTube

Price: Free / $9.99 per month

YouTube is widely known and probably the best of the education apps for practical learning. In this platform, you can find how-to videos and tutorials for virtually everything. The topic could range from fixing your toilet seat, changing the oil in your car, solving a math problem, lectures on astronomy, or even learning how to tie a tie. Mostly YouTube channels don’t comply with the course style of learning. It is mostly about how to topics, which is much easier to learn that the traditional course style videos. It is a great secondary learning source which you can use paying the $9.99 per month to get YouTube content without any annoying ads.


Hope by this time, you would have made up your mind which one to choose as there are plenty of options before you to learn. Considering your interest and other priorities you can select many or any one of above-listed education apps!