Is Your Online Casino Password Secure?

Whenever you appear online, you always have to announce who you are. Irrespective of if you are playing in an online casino, writing an email or hanging out with your friends on social media, you will always require a secure password to confirm your identity before you get started. The irony is, anyone could enter your information and pretend to be you. So how to keep your password secure and safe?

Facebook Failure

Facebook Failure

The dilemma of the password is not only your concern but Facebook has also a number of issues with privacy, misuse, and security, and now another problem has just crept in. It appears that there is a bug in its password management system. Due to this, hundreds of millions of passwords used on Facebook, Facebook Lite, and Instagram platforms have been stored internally in a plain text format. Such data is stored in an encrypted form to prevent staff and others getting unauthorized access.

Although Facebook has cleared the bug, it is evident that sensitive data was left unprotected. Hence, the threat of high-end data security, especially password protection, is always under the scanner.

How to Protect your Password

How to Protect your Password

Your best way to secure your sensitive data/password is a strong password that is difficult to guess or hack. The best way to do this is to form a sentence you can easily remember and recall.

Now, combine word segments from your original sentence to create a new loop of characters which should be at least 8 characters in length, and preferably more. Longer passwords are always hard to crack, although many websites will have their own character limits. Your goal is to create something you could remember which is derived from an original phrase you could never forget.

You can understand the process of about statement by a simple example, suppose your memorable phrase was: Do You Know Whom I Hated The Most?  You could render that as dyKwIhTM? It is not logical but still remains memorable for you.

Digital Keys

Digital Keys

These days, your two most important digital keys are the passwords to your e-mail and social media accounts. If any hacker gets hold of your e-mail password, they can then follow the “forgot your password?” route on several websites. It may help them access your online banking arrangements, shopping accounts on Amazon and many more. In case this is the case with your social media account, your friends and contacts could find themselves bombarded with scams, messages or they may receive requests from “you” asking for large amounts of cash.

So, it is most important to always keep the digital key of your online access secure.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Secure Password

Do’s and Dont’s for a Secure Password


– Ever share your passwords.

– use ‘lazy’ passwords which can easily be guessed like ‘123456’ etc.

– add personal information e.g. birthdays, family or pet names, telephone numbers, etc.

– use a single word, it can be easily hacked.


– use different passwords for different sites.

– change your passwords every now and then.

– create abbreviated versions of an easily remembered sentence, preferably including mixed cases, numbers, and special characters.

– use a central password management system to manage all your passwords.


The objective is to keep your online casino passwords secure and safe following the above tricks.