7 Great Location-sharing Apps for Android Users

The trend that is followed these days by many people is to hide your location from big companies like Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Although, it is necessary that from time to time you may need to share your location with your family and friends for various reasons. Some families want to have a track of your location just to know that you are safe. Situations may arise where you might need to send your location to your friend. Regardless of the reasons, many apps share your location. Below are the 7 Great Location-sharing Apps for Android Users:

1. Facebook Messenger

Price: Free

Facebook Messenger

With built-in location sharing, Facebook Messenger is one of several good messenger apps. If you don’t trust Facebook it might not be a good option for you because the app has to know your location for it. It is otherwise quite easy. By sharing your location your friends can click on the link and a map will show your location. Without leaving your location exposed to your family or friends, it is a nice feature for quickly sharing your location. Facebook, however, definitely knows that it might not be a good feature for many people.


2. Find My Kids

Price: Free / $2.99 per month / $16.99 per year / $25.99 once

Find My Kids

A parental control app that helps parents to keep a track of their child’s location, Find My Kids makes it easier for you to see where your kids are going and where they have been already. The working is very simple. When you open the app it immediately displays your child’s location to you to the best of its ability. Some other features include monitoring your child’s phone battery, integrated chat, and various security controls. There are choices between a subscription or a single price. Only three phones at once will work with the $25.99 subscription.


3. GeoZilla

Price: Free / $59.99 per year


A family locator app for everyone, GeoZilla shows you where the kids are and vice-versa. The app has a chat function as well as the parents can monitor the location histories as well. Even if it a very basic app, it works very well. There is also the option of augmenting the experience with the company’s GPS tracker however it is also fine on your phone without the tracker. Before the $59.99 per year subscription, it is a free app from three days so make sure to test it entirely.


4. Glympse

Price: Free


Another location sharing app that ain’t half bad, Glympse can be sent in the app to someone to let them find out where you are and you can receive Glympse from others as well. Like most others, it acts as a location-sharing app. You can also see where everybody is on the big day because it can set up events as well. Major complaints from this app are due to its lagging connectivity issues. Hence, if you want this app working right, you better have a good Internet connection.


5. Google Maps

Price: Free

Google Maps

The most common location finder is Google Maps. It is sort of the default option. Probably the best alternative to Apple’s Find My Location sharing, this app is a lifesaver when it comes to finding a location. All you need to do is add your friends and family to your Google Contacts. After that, you need to open the app, click on the profile icon on the top right, and select the option Location. You can set this option for both temporary or permanent access. The location that this app provides is accurate.


6. Life360

Price: Free / $4.99-$14.99 per month


One of the more popular location finding apps, Life360 is a good option for families with devices that have different operating systems because it also works on iOS and cross-platform. The app has other features as well such as a built-in chat, real-time tracking, and alerts when people leave or arrive at destinations. Depending on what you want the app also has a couple of different subscriptions. Other unique features include crime reports, phone theft coverage, and many other things. Be sure to test it thoroughly before buying the subscription because many have reported the GPS issues coming from it.


7. My GPS Location

Price: Free

My GPS Location

A simple location app, My GPS Location simply shows where you are. There are latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates installed in the app along with altitude. That information can be shared with anyone you want to with. Mainly designed for hikers, this app takes you away from civilization. Hence, it is safe to say that if you don’t have a signal it cannot share any information.



These are the 7 Great Location-sharing Apps for Android Users that you can use anytime while outdoor and be safe!