7 Popular Mystery Games to Play on Android

A good mystery is something that will hook you from the premise to the epilogue of the story. It will come up with its versions of twists and turns throughout the plot and leave you speechless at the end of it. The good ones are difficult to find especially on Android. However, the platform does have its fair share of mystery games. Below are the best mystery games for Android. Her Story is also one of the highest recommended 7 popular mystery games to play on Android that you can play if you won’t mind it not having an update for the last four years.

1. Adventure Escape (five games)

Price: Free to play

Adventure Escape (five games)
Adventure Escape (five games)

A popular series of mystery games by Haiku Games is The Adventure Escape series. Players have to solve puzzles to progress through the plot and each game in the series has a different storyline. The game comprises of escape room mechanics, mystery, and puzzle. The games are like the point-and-click adventure style themed where you need to find stuff and use them later on in the game at different puzzles. You can buy hints if you want to otherwise the game is entirely free to play. Another good game by this series is The Escape the Mansion.


2. Ace Attorney series (four games)

Price: $15.99-$19.99 each

Ace Attorney series four games 1
Ace Attorney series (four games)

From the Nintendo DS and 3DS, Ace Attorney is a popular mystery-puzzle visual novel. All the four games are on Android including Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Ace Attorney Investigations, Spirit of Justice, and Apollo Justice Ace Attorney. All of them have similar gameplay. You begin a new case, collect evidence, and then use the evidence in the court to win. Mechanics are different for each game. For example, in Ace Attorney Investigations you need to combine clues to create new clues. With the full game included in each title, these are pure console ports. There are no in-app purchases or ads to ruin the experience and the games are expensive.


3. Emulators

Price: Free / Varies

Emulators 2

There are several mystery games on older consoles. With the use of emulators, you can enjoy them. Some of these are Scooby-Doo Mystery on SEGA Genesis, Time Hollow on the Nintendo 3DS, Mario is Missing on SNES, and Myst on PlayStation. As long as you can procure your game files, Emulators are relatively easier to use. All these games include features like touch controls, save and load states, and most of them have support for external game controllers.


4. Life is Strange (two games)

Price: Free / Up to $8.99 (each)

Life is Strange two games
Life is Strange (two games)

An adventure-puzzle game from Square Enix, Life is Strange features a female protagonist (Max Caulfield) whose ability is to rewind time in short intervals to change minuscule things. You need to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a fellow student. With a fun story and decent graphics, the mechanics also pack up a good experience for the player. The dialogs are not that good, but no game is perfect. You can start it for free, however, it is a premium game. The prequel of Square Enix is also available on Android.


5. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Price: $17.99

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc 1
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

A thriller-mystery visual novel, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is also one of the best games in its genre. With some other students, you start as a student in the government-sponsored academy and the only way to graduate is by murdering a fellow student and getting away with it. The killer is figured out in the game’s court by the players who find clues. You get a little bit of extra content because it is an anniversary edition regardless of being a port from the PSP version. There are no in-app purchases or ads to mess things up however the game is super expensive.


6. The Room (four games)

Price: $0.99-$4.99 each

The Room four games 1
The Room (four games)

One of the first great mystery games on mobile, The Room gives you an escape the room kind of experience where you are stuck in a room and deconstruct the puzzles to escape. The developers added a bit of a story as the series continued because of the fairly mediocre story in the first part of it. Features like cloud saving and achievements were also added in the game later on. The series has clever puzzles, good graphics, and arcane storyline. This is highly recommended for people because it is one of the greatest mobile franchises of all time.


7. Rusty Lake and Cube Escape (several games)

Price: Free / Up to $3.49 each

Rusty Lake and Cube Escape several games
Rusty Lake and Cube Escape (several games)

All of the Rusty Lake games fall under the mystery genre. There are ten games in the Cube Escape series and has a series of puzzle-mystery games with escape room mechanics. The hallmark Rusty Lake series has three games in it. The Samsara Room is something that the developers added additionally to the Cube Escape. To engage with the game world all of these games use point-and-click adventure mechanics to move around.


These are the 7 popular mystery games to play on Android that you can try out on your device anytime anywhere with loads of fun and mystery.