8 best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Clear Case

Guarding a well-designed phone with a bulky, ugly case is just unfair. If you possess Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and want to flaunt it, have it protected first by having some cool ultra-clear cases. Here are the best 8 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra-clear cases you can have.

Top-rated Galaxy Note 20 Ultra-clear cases

1. Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen Liquid Crystal 1
Spigen Liquid Crystal

This ultra-clear case of Spigen is not the only clear case for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it also offered the Liquid Crystal for your cute Galaxy Note 20 to protect it. Avoiding the hybrid approach, the Liquid Crystal case is made of TPU and it’s easy to put on and remove in seconds. This flexible design helps you slide a credit card in the back panel, though it’s not as large as a wallet case.


2. Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear

Speck Presidio Perfect Clear
Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear

Although most of the clear cases tend to look the same, it’s what you don’t see that sets the Perfect-Clear apart. Speck has crafted the case to stand up against 13-foot drops and an advanced Microban safety layer keeps away germs from your Galaxy Note. It is quite thin to support wireless charging easily. Its raised bezels help to add a little extra bulk-free protection. Other than a small logo in the top corner, Speck’s Presidio Perfect-Clear is completely free of branding.


3. UAG Plyo

UAG Plyo
UAG Plyo

Some users will identify UAG for its excellent Plasma case. UAG Plyo took to this list as it stays true to the crystal clear theme. As MIL-STD 810G certified, this case has rounded corners and a thin design. This makes this case one of the more unique Galaxy Note 20 Ultra-clear cases as the raised bezels at all the corners make this phone feel like floating.


4. Ringke Fusion-X

Ringke Fusion X 3
Ringke Fusion-X

This case is an ever-popular pick and the geometric TPU bumper is not like any other on this list. You can easily hold your phone due to its edges and you can add a lanyard to the QuikCatch holes for an even easier carrying experience. This case is also available with a clear camo back panel if you do not want a completely clear case. The raised lips and matte finish on the bumper will help prevent sliding when you set your phone on most surfaces.


5. ESR metal kickstand

Although there is no extra or added feature in this metal kickstand, it is a perfect fit for your phone. You probably won’t find a clear wallet case, but this option from ESR adds a handy kickstand to this list. Nonetheless, the kickstand itself isn’t clear — it’s of metal for increased durability as it holds the weight of your phone. Otherwise, the majority of the case is the same flexible TPU. It supports wireless charging. Just be careful not to charge on top of the kickstand as it’s made of metal after all.


6. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2
Spigen Ultra Hybrid

This manufacturer is always been at the top of the list as this manufacturer offers a wide range of options for just about every device and the Ultra Hybrid features the best of a TPU bumper along with a polycarbonate back panel. The raised bezels help to defend the display as well as the camera bump though covers protect all of the essential buttons. With a very clear finish, the Ultra Hybrid comes in matte black and bronze colors.


7. Caseology Skyfall

Caseology Skyfall
Caseology Skyfall

This case is one of the most robust and durable hybrid options on this list. It is based on a two-piece design for all-around protection. Although not completely clear, the hard polycarbonate bumper comes in three different colors for all your phone colors. The case adds only 0.1-inches of bulk to your phone, so you should not face any issue in flaunting your phablet around.


8. Otterbox Symmetry

Otterbox Symmetry 1
Otterbox Symmetry

This manufacturer may not be in your mind when you are looking for a clear Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case. But this case maker is known for its matte black behemoths most of all. This case is the best example of a one-piece crystal clear construction. A synthetic rubber frame latches onto your device in seconds and the durable polycarbonate back panel provides all the scratch protection you can ask for. You can have a Stardust Glitter version to give your phone a pop of color.



These are the 8 best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Clear case that you would love to have to protect your phablet from all scratch and dust and also from any fall.