9 Best Camera Apps for Android Users

Smartphone cameras on smartphones are a much bigger deal than they used to be. Companies are eager to make their cameras more reliable, work better in dim light, and add features that people want. Many will base their purchase decisions on the strength of the camera. The cameras are important on mobile devices these days. Here we will talk about the best 9 camera apps for android users.

Considering that newer versions of Android may force the use of the stock camera app anyway. Google Play link motion camera is also great as it has some neat ideas. Here are the best camera apps that you can use for any purpose!

1. Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Camera

Price: Free / $52.99 per month

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Camera 1
Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Camera

This is more of a photo editor than a camera app. Although, it also comes with a built-in camera app. The camera is decent and includes big keyword features like HDR, RAW support, and various modes and pre-sets. Additionally, it has the manual camera controls if you need that as well.

The Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editor apps for mobile right now so you can use the camera app and immediately use it for editing. The company also introduced Adobe Photoshop Camera (Google Play link) in 2020 with a variety of features, including various filters, auto-tone, real-time Photoshop effects, portrait mode controls, and more. It’s almost like a camera for social media types, but still a decent option overall.


2. A Better Camera

Price: Free / $0.99

A Better Camera
A Better Camera

This is relatively a robust camera app featuring support for HDR images, up to 360-degree panoramas, a night mode, various multi-shot modes, and, of course, video recording features as well. The quality of the image is quite good and it has some extra features like object removal in case you get a car or something in your shot on accident. The pro version offers some extra features also. But this one is a little old and hasn’t witnessed any update since 2018.


3. Camera MX

Price: Free / Up to $1.99

Camera MX
Camera MX

Camera MX is one of the oldest and most popular camera apps. Developers update the app regularly and that keeps it current. It works best for simple stuff. The app has a variety of shooting modes. You can also use it to shoot photos or videos. There is even a GIF mode to make your GIFs. The built-in photo editor can do the basics as well. It’s a decent all-in-one solution. Serious photographers may want to look elsewhere. You can also use the pro version of this as part of the Google Play Pass if you have it.


4. Cymera

Price: Free / Up to $3.49

Cymera 1

Cymera is another one of the older and popular camera apps. It focuses more on mainstream features. That means you’ll get a bunch of filters, stickers, special effects, and similar features. It also has a beauty camera mode. It can add or take away features from your face and body. We’re not big fans of such dramatic alterations but to each their own. It also includes a photo editor for minor edits. It’s free to download. You can buy additional stuff as in-app purchases.


5. Bacon Camera

Price: Free / $1.99

Bacon Camera 2
Bacon Camera

We’ll be honest. We thought Bacon Camera was a joke app when we first saw the name. However, this is a legitimately decent camera app. It boasts manual controls such as focus, white balance, exposure compensation, ISO, and more. You also get support for RAW and DNG along with the traditional JPEG. It boasts support for manual controls on devices that don’t support Google’s Camera2 API. We didn’t have any test devices that didn’t support that, so we’ll take their word on it for now. Some other features include GIF support, a panorama mode, and timed shots. This is surprisingly good and the pro version is surprisingly cheap.


6. Google Camera

Price: Free

Google Camera 1
Google Camera

This is Google’s official camera app. It is the one you’ll find on most Google devices. It has a small, but a great set of features which includes a lens blur mode, slow motion, video stabilization, photospheres, and more. The only drawback is compatibility. This can run only on devices running Android 7.1.1 and up. Otherwise, it’s free and it’s really good. However, you can also sideload a modified version of your device to get the best Google Camera features.


7. Open Camera

Price: Free / $1.99

Open Camera 1
Open Camera

Open Camera is one of the most popular camera apps for professional photographers. It has most of the serious features that you expect. It includes manual camera controls, a timer, support for some external microphones, HDR, exposure bracketing, and more. It’s also a decent option for both videographers and photographers. This app is completely free with no in-app purchases or advertising.


8. Filmic Pro

Price: $14.99 + $9.99

Filmic Pro 1
Filmic Pro

This is one of the newer camera apps on Android and also the most expensive camera app on this list. With unique features like some extremely specific manual controls like a dual slider for exposure and focus, a white balance adjustment matrix, and a gamma curve control. Additionally, it comes with some added analytics, live RGB control, and more features. With a very shaky start, the developers actively took user feedback and updated the app to fix bugs. It is still under improvement and hopefully be good someday. Be sure to test this one thoroughly within the refund period if you want to try it out.


9. Pixtica

Price: Free / $3.99 per year

Pixtica 1

This too is a newer camera app. With some neat features like live filters, manual controls, exposure control, a GIF recorder, QR code scanner, a slow-motion mode, RAW file support, and more. It has a very basic gallery and photo editor. The best part of this camera is its wide range of features and its all-in-one style. You have to subscribe to some of the features and your stock camera app can probably still do post-processing better.



These are 9 best camera apps for android users that come with amazing features. You can use any of these considering your requirements.