Everykey – A new Way of Securing your Keys and Passwords

With the progressing time and technology, plain old passwords are no more secure and safe that we have been using needs to be ditched for more secure options. It’s time now to opt for multi-Factor authentication, there are yet another solid options available nowadays reaching the market.

Here comes one of the latest and most interesting products in this industry terms as Everykey – it is a military-level security Bluetooth tool that is going to replace all your keys and passwords in near future. This tool is created by a Cleveland-based firm that can act as the password for your tablets, laptops, house and even car doors and many more devices and apparatuses.

What is Everykey

To make it simple, Everykey opens up these devices when the user is in close proximity to the devices and locking them again when the user walks away from the devices. Apart from this, this tool is capable of generating secure passwords for other online accounts, thus activating automatic logins when the user visits the corresponding websites or platforms.

This tool is a new way to protect your device in case of theft or when your device is lost. You can easily, with the use of Everykey app or by contacting the company, can freeze the device thus restricting it from being used by anyone else. You can reactivate the device also once it is found by you.

In addition, the company has recently launched the latest version of Everykey tool with several new features including secure password sharing, password management, and password import from the Everykey app. The Everykey Vault 2 has four layers of AES and RSA encryption thus making it highly secure with increased speed and stability, improved UI, and more.

When it comes to the compatibility of the device, it works well with most of the popular operating systems like OS X, iOS, Androidd, Linux, Windows etc., as well as the most popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. You can use this Everykey with two different accessories also thus making it more practical to use:

Band accessory – It is a wearable band that resembles a smartwatch and Keyring accessory – it is a small dongle that you can add to your keychain ring without making it heavy.

You can buy Everykey through its official website, and before finally purchasing it, do not forget to give it a look and see how this small device can give a new life to your devices and its security.