Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Galaxy S8: Should you Upgrade?

Mostly when a brand runs a series of models, like Galaxy, the successor is not much different than its predecessor. So is the case with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.  If you ask a common man who hasn’t used this series, handing him these two phones, he wouldn’t likely know which one is better or “newer” device. They are so identical! They have almost similar designs, the software is near-identical and the inside configurations haven’t dramatically changed either.

Still, there is a huge user base of Galaxy S8 who is ready to embrace anything that Samsung has to offer and would like to understand if the next version is worth their money and time and the special features. Let’s find out what you must expect when you switch from the Galaxy S8 to the Galaxy S9.

The Similarities


It appears that Samsung is very contented with the current design aspect of its galaxy model as it is nearly similar to its 2018 flagship. The Galaxy S9 is almost the same in terms of appearance as the Galaxy S8. It only has a minor reduction in height i.e. 1.2 mm and 8-gram increase in weight. The latest version has a thinker metal and glass, but it is not easy to identify if someone didn’t let you in on the secret. The change may be noticed from a glossy to slightly textured finish on the metal.

The screen remains the same at 5.8-inches with similarly curved sides, Gorilla Glass Covering, the same resolution and rounded corners. The buttons are also placed in the identical positions, including the Bixby button which you can find at the left side underneath the volume rocker. When having an inside look, you will get same 64GB storage (plus SD card slot), wireless charging, 4GB of RAM, rapid charging and all the same Samsung standards.

Although Samsung has maintained the same standard and capacity as that of S8, except some minor improvements mentioned above in its newer version. So, looking on the bright side of the phone it is a good fit as your next device.

The Distinctions


The most obvious and substantial change in the Galaxy S9 is the new camera setup with a new “Super Speed” Dual Pixel sensor and a lens with a physically variable slit. The sensor was not that powerful in the earlier device. The new sensor offers dramatically reduced grain thus improves fine edge processing in low-light scenes. The new f/1.5 aperture lets in more light even in very insufficiently lit spaces and aligns with the improved sensor to work better. This gives a better and improved low-light photography which is obviously the best in the industry. The new sensor is also powered with a 960 fps super slow-motion mode, much better than Galaxy S8 for a great dramatic effect. Although the battery remains the same in terms of power, the processor has got more efficiency in Galaxy S9 that can add to its overall longevity. Whether you plan for Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9 version, both processors are amazing in saving the battery life. Depending on how much you get to use your devices, most of the other segments remain the same without any immense improvement.



The most obvious improvement is the 5.8-inch display for 2018. The Galaxy S9 is better than S8 and the Note 8 in terms audio, though, featuring a second speaker above the screen for stereo sound with a stereo separation.

Yet another major change to the usability of the Galaxy S9 is its fingerprint sensor. This is quite user-friendly compared to the Galaxy S8. It improved the usefulness of swipe-down feature for the notification reducing your frustration when you try to unlock your phone — which you usually do hundreds of time each day.

Is it Worth Upgrading to Samsung S9?

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Honestly, if you already have a Galaxy S8 you shouldn’t upgrade to a Galaxy S9. There’s a great fan base of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 owners out there. They can, of course, opt for Samsung S9 as you will get a refreshed and improved Galaxy S8 that’ll still look amazing and compared to those older phones.

If your Galaxy S8 is a year old and you are looking to sell off your phone to a third party and pay up the difference; in this case also, you need to cough up hundreds of dollars to get your newer phone that isn’t that much better. Just keep this in mind that Galaxy S9 does everything the S8 does, plus more — you will not have to lose anything if you plan to update. It’s up to you to decide if you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for the new camera system, slightly faster processor, improved fingerprint sensor, and little brighter screen and is it worth making the jump!