6 Tips to Use Galaxy S9/S9+ to Increase your Social Posts Visibility

What about having a camera that can capture every moment of your life and activities? It can see more than your eyes can, it can change the way you see the world, your own life and experience the world, and can also add value and intensify your social presence. Imagine, if such a camera is a part of your smartphone you already use, every single day and moment.

Here are 6 killer ways to attract more likes and improve your social media posts’ visibility using your smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+.

Click in any Light

Light plays a crucial role in the quality of the picture it clicks. An amazing shot could be spoiled if clicked at the dim light – it is, of courses, a natural notion. But with the Galaxy S9 and S9+, you can take photos for posting on social media profiles without worrying about the time of the day and the light availability. The inbuilt feature of f-stop modes, the category-selecting Dual Aperture adjusts with the bright light or low light automatically, like the human eye.

Use Super Slow-motion Feature

You can add and set a new trend of posting super slow-motion videos on your social media profiles using your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. This super cool feature has already started setting a new trend of uploading slow motion videos online. This feature has been designed to enable you to capture, with the minutest detail, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments that happen in your everyday life. It allows you to shoot at an incredible speed: 960 frames per second! Just amazing and courtesy to super speed dual pixel sensor! It is time to display your photographic skills by adding super Slow-motion bursts to a video and highlighting any specific or special moment! Here, in this feature also, the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera automatically adjusts to lighting conditions allowing the right amount of light to reach the lens.

Darkness is no Barrier

You can now shoot at dark also without worrying about the quality of the pictures. You are free to capture your night-time event/adventures and activities with amazing clarity and find the full potential of your creativity and your Samsung Galaxy S9 camera.  The feature of F1.5 aperture and multi-frame noise reduction, the rear camera clears it ensuring it is clearly visible with every detail without requiring any fine-tuning or tweaking.

Manifest your Emotion with Emoji 

Using emoji, which is an added advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S9’s, you can form your own realistic or cartoon-like emojis leveraging the inbuilt facial recognition technology. You can add a new edge to your social life and profile by adding a texture of fun and entertainment through emojis and watch your messaging come alive. Be the kind of the next animated hit – record videos with your emoji dancing, talking, singing, or whatever you feel like doing. It is your personalized creativity.

Skip the Blur Shapes

Giving your photos more clarity and creative approach, the Samsung Galaxy S9+’s best-in-class dual camera provides you with dual optical image stabilization (OIS), and also a new creative control over your images with features like Live Focus and Background Blur options. In addition, you may also up the ante by adding soft lights effect in multiple shapes.

This amazing feature converts simple photos into a great artistic creation that you can proudly share on your social media profiles and with family and friends.

Add Music Convert it into a GIF

After you have captured your best images and moments on camera using Super Slow-motion feature, you can share it in your circle. You can also improvise its appeal by adding music and GIF with a random selection of inbuilt choices or using a song from your own playlist. You can transform it into GIF with three ways forward, reverse, and swing.

Adding all these features to your images and photo shoot will surely make it all timepieces with loads of views, reviews, comments, and immense visibility. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is there to stay connected to your life and has been designed to re-conceive the way that you communicate, share and experience the world around you.