Samsung Sets up a New Artificial Intelligence Center in New York City

With the evolving technology, AI is the hot cake every software company or big brand is heavily spending on and Samsung is no exception. Samsung is also heavily investing in artificial intelligence as it knows that this technology is the future in IT space and will help it offer improved and updated products and services to customers. The company is all set to start a new artificial intelligence center in core locations across the globe where it is easy to engage top talents to research this crucial field further for better future of all.

New AI Center in New York

The company announced on 10th Sep 2018 that apart from already having five artificial intelligence centers that are successfully running in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, and Russia, it is out to add to this list by opening a new center in New York City now.

Samsung’s Sixth AI Center

This new AI center of Samsung is stationed in the heart of Chelsea which is set to be spearheaded by Daniel D. Lee who is the Executive Vice President of Samsung Research Department. He has already earned a lot of laurel across the globe for his efforts and innovative approaches. Joined Samsung a year back in June 2017, Daniel D. Lee will be supported by a prominent authority in neuroscience-based AI technologies, H. Sebastian Seung, who also shares the same designation of an executive vice president of Samsung Research.

Samsung says that this specific AI Center will aim at advanced artificial intelligence research in robotics. It is noteworthy that apart from performing the responsibilities of an EVP, Seung is also the Chief Research Scientist at Samsung and consults the company on advanced AI search with an intention to explore and develop opportunities for future business growth.

This is the sixth AI Center of Samsung across the globe which is going to work in partnership with Samsung’s other AI research facilities all over the world. All these initiatives are the part of Samsung’s already defined goal to hire almost 1,000 AI specialists by 2020. No doubt, we can expect many more new AI Centers to come up in key locations across the globe in future also.