Story behind the Galaxy A80’s Revolutionary Rotating Camera

With Galaxy A80, Samsung has introduced a camera that rotates, i.e. it slides up and then rotates from within its device. This camera works as the perfect camera solution for smartphone users as it not only can expand the rear camera experience to front-facing pictures and videos, but it can also offer a full-screen experience for users to immensely engaging in their favorite content.

Rotating Camera a Challenge

Rotating Camera a Challenge

This was a challenge to develop a smartphone with a rotating camera. To create something of this sort as per the existing technologies, two motors are required – which was an impossible addition to a smartphone given the amount of space for parts this would require.

To introduce this device, Samsung developed a solution requiring no extra motor parts that also ensures no premature rotation happens. This mechanism is complete with locking ‘teeth’, rail and hook. These innovative technologies then optimize the motor to ensure it could power the camera’s vertical slide and rotation.

Amazing Camera Quality

A80’s Revolutionary Rotating Camera 1

Featuring a 48MP main camera, an Ultra-Wide angle lens camera, and a 3D Depth camera, using Galaxy A80’s rear camera module feature, users can capture any moment just as they see it. On taking a selfie in the camera app, the rotating camera mechanism offers a powerful triple camera experience to front-facing pictures and videos, too.

Apart from this hardware innovation, Samsung’s engineers realized that using the same lenses for both front and rear perspectives would need optimization of this camera module, as the functionalities of these camera are different. This is why it also optimizes the camera software to ensure the best picture quality of the camera for rear-taken, landscape shots as well as close-up, undistorted selfie pictures.

Best Camera Experiences

Best Camera

Just to make sure these solutions withstand the comprehensive use for every spontaneous selfie moment, this camera went through extensive testing in its lab.

Galaxy A80 phone has gone through multiple quality-tests considering different case scenarios designed to ensure that the hardware and software innovations of the device were able to offer the best camera experience possible, even after extensive use.


The Galaxy A80, with its innovative rotating camera, can be said to be a high-tech smartphone developed to increase spontaneous interactions and support self-expression without limitation in the Era of Live.