Bixby Marketplace is Available for the US and Korea Users

The Bixby Marketplace has been a popular destination for those who want to add or enhance their Bixby experience by adding new capsules (services). 

This platform has started functioning for U.S. and Korea users as well. With the launch of this Bixby Marketplace in the US and Korea, users will be able to make their mobile experience more personal and intuitive. 

The basis convenience of Bixby is customization. This Bixby Marketplace first captures and study the tastes and requirements of its users and then offer them easy access to a wide range of capsules that make Bixby more powerful, and also easier for users to tailor Bixby given their specific needs. This marketplace includes a range of convenience-enhancing capsules like Spotify, Google Maps, iHeartRadio, NPR, Yelp, etc.

How It Works

How It Works

You can access the Bixby Marketplace from the Bixby main page by pressing the Bixby key. Then you need to swipe left to get to the Bixby Marketplace. Here you will find many capsules are organized by categories such as Productivity, Business and Finance, Sports, Shopping, etc.

Select your capsule name, which you can do by entering the keyword, and it is done. You can add the capsules with a single tap of a button, and can also rate and review capsules to ensure the highest quality Bixby capsules are the most visible to users in the Bixby Marketplace.

To add more customization, you can also set a capsule as the “preferred capsule” for certain types of requests. You can set your favorite provider as your preferred rideshare capsule. Once done, any rideshare request would automatically go to your preferred provider, even if the user does not mention the capsule name. This ability to customize your own personal Bixby experience allows you to seamlessly integrate a wide range of capsules into your everyday lives.

What’s There in Future?

What’s There in Future

Samsung is expected to improve the Bixby platform and evolve the Bixby Marketplace to support developer requirements and increase the experience for all the users. It is expected to see more added capsules to the Bixby Marketplace over the next few months. Samsung is expected to provide more updates at Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC19) scheduled to be held on October 29–30 in San Jose, California. So, be ready for more updates.