What are the ten best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases under $50 to buy online?

What are the ten best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases under $50 to buy online?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which was launched last year is one of the best smartphone followed by Samsung other recent series of phone. If you own this smartphone or think to buy one then you also wish to get it’s case to keep it protected from dust, dirt or unwanted particles or screen scratches that you get by daily wear and tear. You have already spent your costly dollars on this expensive phone and now wish to give it a caring cover to protect it which is affordable and fits in your budget. Here are the are the ten best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases under $50 that you can get at stores and online.

1. Zizo Bolt Cover

Zizo bolt case for Samsung Galaxy S8 under $50

This case is stronger enough to protect your smartphones   and costs only US$17.99. With a tempered glass screen protector with curves that fit right into the handset it protects your device with a dual-layer construction, a rotating holster and even a cool built-in kickstand for enjoying those movies on the Note 8’s gorgeous infinity display. This accessory has been tested and passes 12-foot military standard 810-G drop tests which means its built to last long.

Get this case from Amazon store or directly from Zizo store

2. Zizo Static Series

Zizo static case for samsung galaxy note 8

Again this case from Zizo offers best protection and meets military standard 810-G drop test certification and can handle a fall with ease, thanks to its dual-layered with TPU and polycarbonate construction. Just like the Zizo Bolt, this case brings the kickstand back, allowing you to watch all the movies and videos you wish, from a comfortable position. This case is only $10.99 from Amazon.

Buy from Amazon or from Zizo site

3. MNML Case

MNML case for Galaxy S8

This is an ultra thin case just 0.35mm thin and also claim to have the world’s thinnest case. As the name suggests the style and design is minimal which means there is no branding on the case, it’s just a thin case that will protect your Note 8 from day to day use and still show off your phone. The MNML Case comes in 6 different colors: Clear black, matte black, clear white, really blue, coral blue and red and costs only $14.99.

Get from Amazon or from MNML site

4. Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen tough cases

Spigen’s case is made from a TPU body and polycarbonate back and has raised lips at the front and rear to protect the screen as well as the two cameras. The case has cutouts on the bottom for the charging port, speaker, S-Pen, and so forth, and sports a kickstand on the back that comes in quite handy when watching videos. The manufacturer claims that the product is shock resistant and was drop-tested from a height of 46 inches exactly 26 times, ensuring that it will keep your device protected at all times. However, this also means that it will add a bit of bulk to your smartphone and, therefore, make it slightly bigger than it already is.

The Tough Armor case is available in a total of five colors: Gunmetal, Black, Deep Sea Blue, Maple Gold, and Orchid Gray. Prices range between $16.99 and $36.99 depending on the color you chose.

Get from Amazon store or from Spigen store

5. Samsung Alcantara Case

Samsung cases for Galaxy 8

This is an official Galaxy Note 8 case, which just means that it’s made by Samsung. It’s manufactured from lightweight but strong Alcantara material and protects the back as well as the sides of the Note 8 without adding too much bulk to the device.

The material used provides a great grip and is quite easy on the eyes. It comes in a number of different colors which are black, dark gray, green, and pink. The fact that it’s made by Samsung and has a premium feel to it means it definitely isn’t the cheapest case you can get your hands on, as it will set you back $32.43.

Buy one from Amazon

6. Samsung View Wallet

Samsung Wallet case

This is another official Galaxy Note 8 case but is quite different from the one described above. It covers the back as well as the front of the device and doesn’t add a lot of bulk to it thanks to its thin design. You can view different LED notifications directly on the front cover including alarms, incoming calls, received messages, and battery status, among others. You can also respond to calls or alarms with a simple swipe. Another great feature is that the phablet’s display will automatically turn off when you close the cover and wake up when you open it.  There’s also a pocket inside that you can use to store your debit or credit card.

The case costs at $49.99 and comes in three color options: Black, Navy, and Orchid Gray.

Buy from Amazon

7. UAG Case

UAG cases for Galaxy S8

This case from UAG is handcrafted and offers five layers of protection: polycarbonate plate, top grain leather, impact resistant rubber, armor frame, and alloy metal hardware. It provides a great grip, so there’s less of a chance the device might slip out of your hand. It’s compatible with Samsung Pay as well as wireless charging and actually exceeds military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6).

The UAG case is backed by a 10-year warranty and can be yours in five different colors. Prices range from $29.95 all the way up to $59.95, depending on which color you opt for.

Get this case from Amazon store

8. Ringke Case

Ringke cases

Ringke’s case is very minimalistic and made from TPU that will provide you with a great grip. It is transparent and doesn’t hide the beautiful design of Samsung’s high-end device. However, there are also black and rose gold color options available, but the colors are only applied to the edges of the case, while the back remains transparent.

This case features military grade drop protection and is extremely affordable. The transparent version will set you back $7.99, while the other two models with colored edges retail for $9.99 and upto $11.99

Get this case today at Amazon or at Ringke store

9. Incipio DualPro

Incipio cases

Incipio’s case sports a scratch-resistant rigid polycarbonate outer shell with a soft finish that provides a military grade drop protection for your expensive phablet. It has a shock absorbing inner core that keeps the Note 8 safe from bumps and drops and features a simplistic design that doesn’t stand out from the crowd much. It has all the usual cutouts at the back and on the bottom for the cameras, speaker, S-Pen, and so on, and is available in Black, Merlot, and Midnight Blue color options. You can get this case at $17 to $29.99

Get one from Amazon or from Incipio store

10. Poetic Nubuck

Poetic Nubuk cases for Samsung Galaxy

Poetic Nubuck features a TPU shell along with perforated PU leather and has a pull-tab design for easy access to the two credit cards you can store in the back pocket. This stylish case is compatible with wireless charging, so you won’t have to take it off every time you need to charge the device. Costs from $7.95 t0 $9.99 and is available in black, brown and navy blue.

Get from Amazon store

Any more cases under $50 do share.