Things to Know about Google Stadia

The all-new Project Stadia supports more phones. According to Google, phones like Samsung Galaxy S and Note phones and the future Galaxy S20 phones will support this feature.

On the release of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Google announced something called Project Steam which was a limited streaming test that was built around Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. A short test was carried out again in January was remained a secret being a candidate for future game streaming plans. With the announcement of Stadia at GDC 2019, Google finally unraveled the beast.

What is Google Stadia?

What is Google Stadia
What is Google Stadia?

In simple words, Google Stadia is regarded as a game streaming service that works on all interfaces. It works on all kinds of the screen such as laptop, gaming PC, phone, television, or tablet, AAA game titles can be enjoyed on all of them.

This becomes possible because Google is responsible for the rendering of the game and it directly streams the service into your preferred device. This makes it quite easy for those who can afford the game but can’t afford the required specs of the device as you can stream any game on it. Because it is not your device that is handling the gameplay, Google is. So for those who cannot afford a high budget gaming PC, just subscribe to Google Stadia. This way you can enjoy every game it features on any device you stream it on.

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms
Supported Platforms

On connecting Chromecast Ulter to the TV, you can easily stream this service. Hence, the Chrome browser can support laptops, desktops, and tablets due to the service. A limited number of smartphones such as Google’s Pixel, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and the brand new Pixel 4 devices also get the support for this service.

Stadia also gives you the feature of switching to any other device in the middle of the game which means you can take the game on any other device elsewhere while playing it. However, you would still require a Wi-Fi connection for the service to stream and the game to stream so it is not entirely portable.

Due to Linux and Vulkan programming systems, this service supports other popular game developing engines as well such as Unity and Unreal.


Hardware Specifications and features

Google Stadia
Hardware Specifications and features

The remote PC is responsible for the heavy lifting that Stadia carries. That means regardless of what device you are streaming the game on, the experience will be the same.

The Stadia users should have a custom AMD 2.7GHz x86 processor with 16GB RAM. It has a transfer speed of up to 484GB/s with a GPU of 10.7 teraflops of power. Hence, all these specs make Google stadia stronger than any other gaming console o the market right now. Due to the upgrades happening on the server-side as well, they also have the merit of being easier to upgrade.

It still does not change the fact that the quality of the game will still be dependent on the internet connection and the device you are using it on.

For those who play it on Chromecast Ultra, you can also play the games in 4K with HDR support and 5.1 surround sound. All of this is again only possible if you have a good internet connection, sound system, and television that can support the features mentioned above.

Below are the specified internet connections that one needs:

35Mbps — 4K with HDR and 5.1 surround

20Mbps — 1080p and 5.1 surround

10Mbps — 720p and stereo sound

Due to the streaming of Stadia on Wi-Fi and Ethernet, you cannot use mobile data to access Stadia at the moment. The only way to play in 4K is the Chromecast Ultra.

Although we don’t know at this point that how far off or which systems will it work on, Google has still offered 8K gaming support as well. The firm, however, stays silent on the topic of Stadia supporting VR experience.

Other future Stadia features include:

Other future Stadia features include
Other future Stadia features include

The Google Stadia may include the Google Assistant feature. This would mean that if you have any queries regarding the console, Google Assistant will be there to support. A tutorial video is also possible to walk you through to it.

State Share is something that can help both the player and the YouTuber to play a moment together from the game. Hence, this feature is known as State Share.

The general idea is that the gamer will click on the option of State Share. This would automatically transport the player to the moment that the YouTuber/gamer is playing or shows off. Keep in mind it is not just spectating, you get a chance to try the experience for yourself.

In-game achievements you can add to Google Stadia.

The Sharing Games option can help your teammates and family members to play the game without buying it when you share the game with them.

The Stadia Controller the best way to play

The Stadia Controller the best way to play
The Stadia Controller the best way to play

For almost a lag-free experience, this vintage controller can connect with the Wi-Fi and then redirect to Google’s servers which costs only $69. A capture button and a built-in Google Assistant are some of its features from saving and capturing gaming moments on YouTube.

One of the limitations of the Google Stadia is that it will connect only with the Chromecast Ultra wirelessly. Whereas in every other device the controller can connect with the system via the provided USB cable.

Another one of the demerits of the Stadia is the unavailability of the Bluetooth capabilities of the console. Hence you cannot use the controller like a gamepad on other devices such as PC or your smartphones.

Google has a helpful accessory to help out those who have the official controller on its smartphone named the Power Support Claw. You can enjoy the all-in-one gaming experience when the claw snaps on your controller and you can clip your phone in to enjoy this experience.