What are Samsung reward points and how can they be earned?

What are Samsung reward points

Samsung in US offers various offers, deals and discounts to consumers who buy any of their Samsung product. These deals and discounts help you save a lot of money. One such is Samsung reward program where you earn point as you shop. You can save points for further shopping, donate the points or use it at once that’s your choice.

Samsung store or App awards you with rewards

How to earn points at Samsung store

When using Samsung physical store, online store or app to purchase any Samsung product you earn points from eligible purchases to redeem toward Samsung products and more.

All you need to do is join the Samsung Rewards program when you create or log-in with a Samsung account. Earn Samsung Rewards points when you purchase eligible products on Samsung.com and the Shop Samsung App. You can also earn points through other Samsung services such as Samsung Pay and the Galaxy Store.

After making a purchase, go to My Account to check your Samsung Rewards status. You will earn points in 15 to 30 days after the delivery date when your product return period is over. Redeem your points for future purchases on Samsung.com or the Shop Samsung App.

This Program is open to legal residents of the fifty United States and District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and United States Virgin Islands who are at least eighteen years of age or older. It is void where prohibited by law.

When you accept the Samsung Rewards Program Terms and Conditions and sign up for the Program, you receive email and push notification messages from Samsung regarding the status of your Samsung Rewards Account and Points total. If you turn off notifications or opt-out of email communications you will no longer receive communications about your Account status and Point totals.

How to earn points?

How to earn points at Samsung store?

There are many ways to earn Points. You can do so when you:

  • Purchase eligible products via Samsung.com/Shop and the Shop Samsung app.
  • Make any Qualified Transaction using Samsung Pay.
  • Purchase Gift Cards through the Samsung Pay Store (must have version 3.7.11 of the Pay App to earn Points).
  • Samsung may also offer opportunities to earn Points through other Samsung apps, such as Galaxy Store, Samsung Health and Samsung Internet, as well as promotions with its partners.

Log into your Samsung Account while you are making a purchase on Samsung.com or the Shop Samsung app. The number of Rewards Points that you may earn will be displayed next to the product price.

Note that the actual number of Reward Points you will earn will be calculated after all discounts, coupons, promo codes and gift certificates have been redeemed and will not include shipping or taxes or other fees, if any. Once you complete your eligible purchase, you can see Points pending in your Samsung Rewards account immediately. The Rewards Points will be added to your Rewards Account when the applicable return period has lapsed.

Earn points at Samsung Art Store

Samsung Art store to earn points

Also if you have purchased a Frame TV and make a purchase through the Samsung Art Store, you can earn Rewards Points.  You must be logged into your Samsung Rewards Account when making the purchase through your Frame TV. You can receive Rewards Points each month, if you purchase an Art Store membership with a monthly subscription fee. You can also earn Rewards Points for an individual Art Store purchase. You cannot retroactively request Reward Points if you made the purchase without using your Rewards Account email address. Members will earn the equivalent of 5 percent of their purchase each month in Rewards points for an Art Store subscription. They will earn the equivalent of 2.5 percent of the purchase price in Rewards points for qualifying Art Store purchases of one or more individual items.

Earn points at Samsung pay App

Use samsung Pay for points

Participants who have the Samsung Pay app may buy Points in pre-determined values using a Qualifying Card. The link to buy Points is located on the Samsung Rewards Redeem points page within the Samsung Pay app. Prices are displayed in the Samsung Pay app and may change without notice.

You must have Samsung Pay version 2.5 or above. Note that some Point Earning requires a higher version. Download the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store to get the most out of Samsung Rewards. 

While most cards are eligible for purchases, check Samsung Pay Support page for a full compatibility list. Private label (PLCC) cards and the Samsung Rewards Visa  Prepaid card are not eligible. Bank of America debit cards registered with the App prior to 3/31/16 need to be deleted and re-added to be eligible.

Participants who have the Samsung Pay app may donate points to the Boys and Girls Club of America. While you cannot transfer Points to another user, you can donate any number of your Samsung Rewards Points. At the end of each quarter, Samsung will donate $1 for each donation of 250 Samsung Reward Points to the selected charity. Once Points are donated, the transaction cannot be reversed or undone.

Your Tier based points

Samsung Tier points

The number of Points you will earn for each Qualified Transaction will depend on your current Tier status. Move up or down in tiers based on how many qualified transactions you make or made the previous calendar month.

  • Silver: 0-9 qualified transactions made within current or previous calendar month. You will earn 1 point for each Qualified Transaction.
  • Gold: 10-19 qualified transactions made within current or previous calendar month. You will earn 2 points for each Qualified Transaction.
  • Platinum: 20-50 qualified transactions made within current or previous calendar month. You will earn 3 points for each Qualified Transaction.

Note that number of Qualified Transactions made during the Calendar Month is based on Pacific time (PST). You will earn Points for up to 50 Qualified Transactions each month. If multiple transactions are made within five minutes, you will only earn Points for one Qualified Transaction in these circumstances.

Samsung wearable products also lets you earn points

Users may now use Samsung Rewards via the Galaxy Wearable companion app. Simply accept the Samsung Rewards Terms & Conditions via the companion app to enroll. If you have already accepted the Terms & Conditions and enrolled via your phone, there is no need to sign up again. Note a long as the phone and Galaxy Wearable are synced to the same Samsung Account and eligible for Samsung Pay, Points will accumulate for each purchase made. This means your Galaxy Wearable must be paired with your phone in order to view the Samsung Rewards catalog, check your Point balance, and/or redeem rewards. 

Remember that Samsung Rewards is a loyalty program where you earn Samsung Rewards points by buying Samsung products and using Samsung services. Points can be redeemed toward purchases at Samsung.com/Shop, in the Shop Samsung app, the Galaxy Store, or in the Samsung Rewards catalog for products, the chance to win prizes, and more.  You can check your Point total when you are logged into your Samsung Account on Samsung.com, SamsungRewards.com, the Shop Samsung app, and in the Samsung Pay app.

For any details or issues you can contact toll free number 1-800-SAMSUNG(1-800-726-7864) or have a live chat with Samsung care pro.