What is Samsung Play Galaxy?

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Samsungs PlayGalaxy Link is a game streaming app to play PC games on Samsung Android. This PlayGalaxy Link was introduced last year when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note10. Samsungs PlayGalaxy Link app service is available exclusively for Galaxy smartphones and tablets including Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G, Note 10 and Note 10+.

While many high-quality games have arrived natively on Android in recent years, some of the best titles are still only on PCs and consoles. Samsung’s PlayGalaxy PC game streaming app is available for Windows and the company’s phones and tablets.

Play Galaxy Link allows you to connect to your PC over WiFi or mobile data and stream your library of games on Samsung your phone or tablet. As you’d expect, the service supports third-party Bluetooth controllers, mice, and keyboard, and the site once again points you to the recommended Glap controller peripheral that your Galaxy phone can fit inside. On-screen controls are also supported.

samsung play galaxy app controller

When you register a Windows 10 PC with the app and are using a LAN connection, you’ll even be able to wake it via Play Galaxy Link. It’s completely free of charge, and assuming you have the games on your PC already, the app will discover them and auto-populate with a list. You can do this manually too, in case it misses some out.

Samsung Play Galaxy features

  • With Samsung Play Galaxy you can play your PC games on any network. You can connect to your PC over Wi-Fi or mobile network(4G/5G).
  • You can create your own game library that you have installed on your PC.
  • As PlayGalaxy Link supports Bluetooth controllers, mice and keyboards you can also play with customizable on-screen keypads.
  • Also, wake up your registered PC from PlayGalaxy Link.
  • With glap controller Optimized Bluetooth gaming controller for Galaxy phones that features a universal design with an adjustable width up to 178 mm, and can be used for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

To connect your PC to your phone, install the program on your PC and the app on your phone.

Next, install the PlayGalaxy Link program on your computer and sign in to your Samsung account.

A list of games installed on your PC will be automatically created. You can add games manually that haven’t been discovered.

PC Requirements

samsung play galaxy pc requirement

Your PC configuration to stream games from a PC should be OS Windows 10; GPU NVIDIA GPU NVIDIA GTX 1060 or higher, AMD Radeon RX 550 or higher; CPU Intel Core i5 or higher; Memory DDR4 8G; AP Gigabit router. Also check whether your graphic driver is at the latest version.

How to get started with Play Galaxy Link?

samsung play galaxy how to get started

To get started with Play Galaxy Link first Install the PlayGalaxy Link application both on your PC and Mobile.

– PC version: www.playgalaxy.com
– Mobile application: Galaxy Store – available to access on mobile only

Launch the PlayGalaxy Link and sign in with the same Samsung account on both PC and mobile.

Select your PC and press the START button to connect with your PC.

Select the game you want to play and streaming will start.

It is recommended to connect your PC over wired ethernet for the best streaming performance. You can use the PlayGalaxy Link using the virtual keypad even if you don’t have a glap. PlayGalaxy Link supports all Android gamepads. glap is a Bluetooth game controller to make PlayGalaxy Link more comfortable and fun. You can find more information about glap here.