What to Expect from Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone

The rumor of Samsung Foldable Smartphone has been making the rounds for years, but now it is going to come to reality. Samsung is working on a foldable phone Galaxy X, and it is rumored that this phone will be released within the coming 12 months.

Keeping a track of all the speculation, discussions going on and the official news we’ve heard so far, we’ll help you have a sneak peek into the real and amazing features and other details of this foldable Samsung smartphone periodically. Just letting you know what’s coming round the corner and also help you decide whether the Galaxy X is worth purchasing or not. Let’s see what is there in Samsung’s fordable Smartphone!

Price and Launch Date of Samsung Galaxy X

Price and launch date

As per a South Korean paper – Samsung is going to show this phone off at CES 2019 which is scheduled in January 2019 and subsequently at MWC 2019, which is scheduled in February end 2019.

Although Samsung hasn’t officially commented about a release date or anything much about the Galaxy X as yet, it has hinted that it is entering into the field of foldable OLED technology.

There is little news on a price yet you can expect to put a major dent in your wallet reckoning the new technology. You should not expect the cost anything less than £739/$720, or little more than Galaxy S9.

Design and Specifications of Samsung GALAXY X

Design and specification

The most recent information that leaked out on the web says this smartphone might have three OLED screens. With two 3.5-inch screens that can turn out to be a 7-inch tablet, this phone will have a 3.5-inch screen on the back or front as you hold it.

At the initial stage of production, the company will not go overboard with how many devices it makes rather it will produce a limited number of phones to start with.

Samsung might use Snapdragon 845 chip as the heart of this phone. In terms of RAM, it might have 4GB-6GB installed, but it could ideally be not too much as it may increase the price. It may have the normal 64GB and 128GB with a possibility of 256GB as well.

How about the camera? A decent yet modest camera is possible to avoid any interference with the displays.

Some other Features

some other features

What other features do you expect from the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy X?  To make it work well, Samsung might ensure the device hits the right balance between cost-effectiveness and innovation without cutting any corners. The company knows the market competition and that the other companies are also working on the same technology with the ZTE Atom M already introduced and one more foldable smartphone Motorola Razr is the future smartphone.

By empowering three screens, Samsung cannot take any risk of introducing a fairly sizeable battery in here which might go beyond 3,500mAh. Depending upon what it plans to squeeze into it, Samsung cannot afford to make it too bulky as it would interfere with the folding format.

You can expect wireless charging and waterproof technology in this new iconic phone as Samsung has already introduced these technologies on its Galaxy phones. It is yet to see just how Samsung might manage the hinges. How it is going to use ZTE Atom M, where two screens bolts together. We’d like to see something more advanced, really flexible in parts that can offer an unbroken screen experience to the users when the phone is opened out into a 7-inch tab mode.

Whatever the company introduces, it is going to be something new and innovative with loads of amazing features that might even change the way of using smartphones in future. Stay tuned to be aware of the further revelations about the Galaxy X.