What is New in Samsung Good Lock App

Sometime back in 2016, if you remember, Samsung introduced an app Good Lock for Marshmallow-powered devices. This app was well received being a powerful customization app for the user interface. Samsung was quick to accept and incorporate the suggested modifications from users to further improve the app’s functionalities. But as it wasn’t updated for Nougat version, it faded to black.

Recently Samsung, responding to consumer demand, has released the updated version of this app compatible with Android 8.0 Oreo devices. It has already been introduced in the US and South Korea. The updated version of Good Lock 2018 provides access to several apps that can personalize the look and feel of a device’s user interface. Let’s have a look at the features of Samsung Good Lock 2018 and how to go with them!

Features of Samsung Good Lock 2018

Task Changer

1.     Task Changer

This app enables you to view all recent apps by scrolling through swiping left or right replacing the tradition up and down swiping. You can select the scroll effect by turning on the Mini Mode which brings the app to the bottom of the screen for a single hand operation. You can drag and drop apps to use the recently used apps and can also choose to split view two apps by holding little harder the one you like to use or can also use apps as a pop-up screen. After downloading the task changer you can get more information about it, you can also hide or lock the app by taping the icon of the app at the top. Download the Task Changer APK here.

quick star

2.      QuickStar

This app is a bundle of three features e.g. Coloring, Simple Indicator, and Notification Multiple Windows.  Download QuickStar here .


a. Coloring

Using coloring app you can give your choicest colors to your quick settings menu. This allows you to change its background color, icon colors, transparency, and also blur and dim effects. You are free to play around with the given options and will find out the right match for your wallpaper to the settings menu.

b. Simple Indicator

It is a great feature using which you can remove the unwanted icons from the Status Bar. It includes a comprehensive list of options for the NFC, Battery, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, Alarm, Airplane Mode icons and much more. Choose those you want to keep.

c. Notification Multi-Window

This app helps you to open apps in more than one window at a time from the notification directly. You can check your notifications without stopping what you are doing on the phone by just swiping right on the notification.

3.      LockStar


This option offers a range of customization options for the device’s lock screen. You can configure the options that you want to display on the lock screen and also their positions. You can also opt for a variety of background and clock styles to display. You can save more than one lock screen to use it simultaneously as per your choice. Download the APK here.

Using routines you can assemble multiple functions to create new features. Create a movie theatre routine if you are movie freak. Select your theatre location you frequently watch and enable the do not disturb mode. It will automatically perform the tasks you set to when you reach the theater. Similarly, you can set routines for your car drive, music time, game time and so on. You can download this app here.

Additional Features

Edge Touch, Sound Assistant, EdgeLighting+, and One-Hand Operation+ are some of the additional features Samsung Good Lock 2018 is equipped with. Here is what they’re capable of doing.

additional features

a.      Edge Touch

Edge touch is the perfect feature if you want the edges of your mobile’s display customized. You can define the thickness and the length of the edge zones. Download it here.

b.      Sound Assistant

This feature delivers improved customization options for your device’s sound settings. You can set volume buttons for media volume and notification volume separately. You can activate personalized sound settings for multiple purposes. The Sound Assistant app is available here.

c.       EdgeLighting+

It does the same as the name suggests. Using this app you can adjust the edge lighting that turns on when you receive any notification. You can customize the animation effect, color, transparency and width of the edge lighting effect. Download it here.

d.      One Hand Operation+

This feature makes it simple to control the device using your single hand. It shows tiny handlers on the left/right corner of the screen for easy control with your thumb. You can swipe back through a short horizontal swipe mimics whereas a long horizontal swipe prompts to open the Softkey panel. Download this app here.

These are apps you will find in the Samsung Good Lock 2018. Check out these apps even if you are not a gadget-savvy as they help you experiencing a new mobile changing the minutest of details and making your interface suitable as per your preferences.