What to Know about Samsung Galaxy S10

It is just three months back on 16th March 2018 when Samsung launched its much hyped and dynamic Galaxy S9, there is yet another smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 lined up to take the market into its stride next year. Before its release, we’re already flooded with several rumors and whispers about the Samsung Galaxy S10.

So, let’s arrange in a sequence all the rumors, leaks and news that is being talked round online here for you to have a quick look on everything that may grab your attention and you might be looking forward to it.

Wider Attractive Design



attractive design

Although the Samsung Galaxy S10 may look similar to its predecessor, the display might get a comprehensive update. As per leaks, it may have 6.2-inch sound-emitting OLED display screen. Replacing a traditional speaker, this phone may use bone conduction and vibration to transmit sound directly through the display.

You may also find the reincarnation of infinity display design which was earlier seen on Galaxy S8 with shrunk bezels. Rumors are S10 Plus may have a 6.3-inches display. With fingerprint scanners installed beneath the display tech, it may be a bezel-free phone and foldable smartphone.

Face-Sensing Technology


Face sensing technology 1

While the predecessor Galaxy S9 is an impressive device, the front-facing face-sensing mechanism on the front of the camera could be the weakest segment. Although the S9 is equipped with the intelligent scan that can scan your face along with its iris data, it’s not completely secure and lesser impressive than the highly advanced and secure face ID introduced by Apple on Phone X. We definitely can expect the Galaxy S10 will have some aggressive improvements in its front-facing camera technology. Rumors said that Samsung is collaborating with 3D camera startup companies to include a full 3D sensing camera technology in S10.




The code name of the smartphone is quite significant as it signifies what the manufacturer wants to achieve with the new device. ‘Beyond’ being the code name of Galaxy S10, it could indicate that Samsung intends to redesign the S range in both form and features and wish to push through the declining sales of premium smartphone that we witnessed in 2018.

With “Beyond” you can buy a smartphone that great feature which is going to be a big thing. While we have presumed the name of the smartphone the “Galaxy S10,” it’s not compulsory that this is how Samsung’s next generation of phones will be named. It is quite possible that Samsung may dump the long-trailing brand name to introduce a new and better name to its new versions of the smartphone. Although most speculations would be “Galaxy X,” but Apple has already claimed this name for its iPhone X. Still, there is a lot that may change between now and the release date.



It’s a possible speculation that the Galaxy S10 may inculcate a version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, probably the Snapdragon 855. Samsung has already invested $5.6 billion in a foundry for 7mn chipsets for the Galaxy S10. It is expected to initiate the risk trials for those chips later this year and the production may start in early 2019 – exactly the time when S10 is set to release.

Release Date


RElease DAte

The Galaxy S9 was launched at MWC in 2018 and the Galaxy S8 was released on its own event a year back in 2017. Given the history of its launch pads, Galaxy S10 isn’t likely to make this much fuss as the S8 was, it’s rumored that Samsung may select to launch is most updated phone at its own special event giving it a warm welcome.

Keep a close eye on Samsung in the coming months for any new update on the latest Galaxy S10 news. We will keep you posted through our new posts.