10 Amazing Horror Games to Play on Android b

Horror games genre wasn’t great a few years back. Moreover, there were a few good ones. But the quality deteriorated quickly after that. The last couple of years have seen a great revival of horror games on Android. The origin of VR helped peak interest in the horror genre also. There are now great and better games in the horror genre. Here are the 10 Amazing Horror Games to play on Android!

1. Dead Effect 2

Price: Free to play

Dead Effect 2 1
Dead Effect 2

It is a creepy sci-fi shooter game. In this game, you play the role of one of three characters. Your need to level up, search out new weapons, and beat and defeat the bad guys. You will find thousands of alien bad guys, many dark corridors, and a 20-hour campaign mode to play through. The graphics are amazing which will boost your gaming experience if you’re using an Nvidia Shield device. It’s not what you’d think of when it comes to horror games.


2. Fran Bow Series

Price: $1.96

Fran Bow Series 1
Fran Bow Series

This is yet another series of horror games. Each game is a different episode in the storyline. Unlike many games that feature the whole series in a single title, Fran Bow breaks the pattern by making each chapter its own downloadable game. It is a puzzle game where you have to self-administer medication to go into a different world. The storyline is quite creepy. You will enjoy this decent series. Each game in the series will cost you $1.96.


3. Distraint: Deluxe Edition

Price: Free / Up to $4.49

Distraint Deluxe Edition 1
Distraint: Deluxe Edition

This is a newer horror game. It features hand-drawn graphics and a simple premise. The controls are easy and you should be able to learn them quickly. It doesn’t rely on classic horror components a jump scares. This creeps you out with its storyline. It is a psychological horror game. It’s a bit short game and you should finish the game in a few hours. The Deluxe Edition is a bit more costly than the normal version, but it features a bunch of extra stuff.


4. Five Nights at Freddy’s series

Price: $2.99 each

Five Nights at Freddy’s series 1
Five Nights at Freddy’s series

These titles are a series of highly popular horror games. It is based on the classic jump scare. You have to sit somewhere and keep the search for living robots. They will try to kill you. You win the game if you can survive. You will also find a great amount of lore and story. These games have quite the following on YouTube and also a bunch of content to watch there. You will find five games in total to play through. Every game has a unique mechanic that vary between the games. The basic premise remains the same. Each game will cost $2.99.


5. Into the Dead 2

Price: Free to play

Into the Dead 2 1
Into the Dead 2

This title is the most latest in this popular series of horror games. It’s an infinite runner. In this game, you have to survive for as long as possible. The game also includes a story mode with multiple endings, ammo perks, and weapons. This game includes more gameplay mechanics than its first version. The first Into the Dead is also quite good, though. Both horror games are freemium.


6. Slayaway Camp and Friday the 13th

Price: Free

Slayaway Camp and Friday the 13th
Slayaway Camp and Friday the 13th

These games are two horror, puzzle, gore games from Blue Wizard Digital. They both have similar graphics and controls. You will solve puzzles, kill things, and see lots of blood. You need to enable gore mode to play. Slayaway Camp features 140 levels and Friday the 13th includes over 100. It is more than enough to keep you going for some time. These are the best mobile horror games ever made. It costs a cool $2.99. Friday the 13th is free to download with in-app purchases up to $9.99.


7. Oxenfree

Price: $4.99

Oxenfree 1

It is one of the newer horror games with loads of thrill with a bunch of teenagers. They rip open a ghost rift and face the consequences. It features deep character interaction alongside the normal storyline. You would not find many graphics though. However, the retro style does play well with the atmosphere of the game. You can get it for $4.99, but it has no in-app purchases. It is also found on other platforms, like Nintendo Switch. That means it is an actual console game.


8. Sanitarium

Price: $3.99

Sanitarium 1

It is an adventure-escape horror game that is quite creepy. You are a girl who loses her memory after a car accident and you end up in this game’s world. The entire story is extremely creepy and you have to escape. It has some decent puzzles and this game also includes 20 Google Play Games achievements that will keep you going. You can select between touch mode and control pad mode depending on what you like more. It’s a good port of the 1998 PC game of the same name. With some decent graphics, it’s one of the creepier horror games on the list.


9. Thimbleweed Park

Price: $9.99

Thimbleweed Park 1
Thimbleweed Park

This game is a Noir thriller game with horror elements. Thimbleweed Park has 80 residents and you need to handle a dead body. There are all kinds of weird happenings around the town and your job is to find answers. You will find five playable characters, a bunch of jokes, two difficulty levels, a hint system, and much more. It is not that scary, but it has a lot of the same elements as horror games.


10. The Walking Dead Telltale series

Price: Free

The Walking Dead Telltale series 1
The Walking Dead Telltale series

This is a series of horror games originally from Telltale Games. It is inspired by the popular comic book series and TV show of the same name. In every game, you’ll play through five episodes of storyline and try to survive the zombie hoard, crazy people, and other hindrances. It has total of four games in the franchise. They all have elements of thrill, puzzle, hidden object, and more. They get delightfully creepy at times, but they’re mostly just entertaining.



These are the 10 amazing horror games to play on Android! These will keep you engaged and give scary moments every minute of your gameplay.