9 Popular Kids Games to Play on Android

It gets weird when we talk about kids’ games. Nowadays, kids mature faster than before and when they get older most of them are into popular games like Fortnite. Hence not talking about the older ones we focus on the ones that might still be interested in kids’ educational games that would have child-friendly themes. Most of the games on this list don’t have things like micro-transactions and this list is perfectly safe for kids’. It would be easier for parents to just hand over their phone to the kids and let them play. Below are the best 9 popular kids games to play on Android:

1. The Endless kids’ games

Price: Free / Up to $28.99

The Endless kids’ games 1
The Endless kids’ games

A collection of kids’ games, The Endless games are limited in the collection that includes Endless Numbers, Endless Spanish, Endless Alphabet, Endless Wordplay, and Endless Reader. These games are fairly simple to play. They also contain educational impact for the player. The rest of it needs to be bought to play. The free versions of the games have only some pieces of content. The games give the players a rock-solid experience and are surprisingly expensive.


2. Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock

Price: Free

Human Heroes Einstein’s Clock
Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock

A kids game with intellectual elements, Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock has a voice-over done by Stephen Fry who plays Albert Einstein. There are a bunch of mini-games in the game that explains to kids how the concepts of time work. The basics of telling the time on an analog clock as well as the complex stuff, both are explained very thoroughly. We hope that the developer adds more titles soon because the execution of the game is beyond perfect even for older players.


3. Bubadu Kids Games

Price: Free / Varies

Bubadu kids games
Bubadu kids games

A developer studio that has released tons of kids’ games, Bubadu might not have the brightest bananas in the bunch but some of them are worth a try. The games include experiences about being a dentist, being a doctor, going to the supermarket as well as things like building and making cakes. These games might not always provide educational value but they are fun to play. Although every game has its own set of mechanics each game is easy to learn and the ideas represented in them are simple to understand for most people using the app. As the in-app purchases, the full versions are relatively cheaper. There are two developer pages for Bubadu.


4. Intellijoy

Price: Varies up to $32.99

Intellijoy 1

A developer in the Google Play Store that specializes in kids’ games, Intellijoy has created recreational stuff for kids that have simpler titles like ABC letters, Connect the Dots, Preschool Puzzles, and Kids Painting. Some of these apps and games are great for younger kids and are well recommended by the parents. By clicking the button below you can browse their entire library. You can also use their all-in-one app to buy all their games for the price of $32.99. If purchased separately the games cost more. Almost all of these kids’ games come with a free version as well if you do not want to pay.


5. Minecraft

Price: $6.99 with in-app purchases

Minecraft 1

One of the most popular and highest-grossing games ever, Minecraft is played by every age group whether it is kids or grown-ups or adults. The mechanics of the games is to mine stuff in an empty world and craft them. The creative mode can be set for younger kids where you don’t have to worry about anything. Survival mode is more suitable for older kids. Kids love this game no matter how you swing it. The price is a bit expensive ranging about $6.99. The extra in-app purchases do not affect the game at all and are used to get customizable skins.


6. PBS Kids games

Price: Free

PBS Kids games 1
PBS Kids games

PBS’ development studio created PBS Kids for kids stuff. A variety of games and apps can be found in this app that covers everything from time killing games that can teach to kid-friendly TV. The collection is vast. Many of the characters in the game are what PBS puts out from various shows. Another game known as PBS Kids Games is a game that combines all these elements into their own game. Almost all of the stuff is completely free. It is profitable for both your kids and your wallet. The Cat in the Hat Builds is another game they have come up with which is good.


7. Poio

Price: $18.99

Poio 1

With a ton of content and a hefty price tag, Poio is an educational game that teaches kids how to read and the game goes through the entire process. As the child learns the game adapts to your child consistently. Hence, it is never short on providing a challenge to your kid. By the end of the game, your child will be smart enough to read the storybook to you. Because of its $18.99 price tag, it does not have a mountain of reviews on Google Play. Although, those who invested in this game were very satisfied with it.


8. LEGO games

Price: Free / Varies

unnamed file 3
LEGO games

LEGO games are the ideal games for kids and also one of the 9 Popular Kids Games. There are several of their original games as well as a variety of titles that includes Star Wars games, comic book games, and many more. With varying mechanics, most of the games are adventure games but almost every game is enjoyable and easy to learn. Most of these games are completely free. There are a select few that relate to the existing product. For example, you can use the figures that you bought in the LEGO Hidden Side game. LEGO is fantastic for going on with games that have augmented reality experiences with them. Only a selective few developers try that kind of stuff on a kids’ product.


9. Pet Bingo

Price: Free

Pet Bingo 1
Pet Bingo

Another excellent free game from Duck Duck Moose, Pet Bingo is a hybrid of math, pet simulator, and bingo game. After you solve the puzzles you are rewarded with cute little animals to take care of. The numbers can get surprisingly high in math portion which consists of the basic arithmetic. The larger number is for older kids and the game is best for kids aged from 5-10 says the developers. There is a 50% off sale in the Google Play description however the Google Play suggests that this game is free and we did not have to pay for anything while testing it. This is one of the 9 Popular Kids Games to play on your Android.