Waiting for Galaxy Note 9 is Worth or Buying Galaxy S9 Plus?

It has been announced that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be released on August 9 at an event in New York City and its big news for Samsung fans looking forward to making a move to new phone. What to expect from Galaxy Note 9? Is it ok to buy Galaxy S9 or wait for Note 9? For Samsung lovers there are two equally enticing options: buy a Galaxy S9+ today which is available on the market, or wait for the Galaxy Note 9.

So, let’s understand the right option to select in this piece of the blog whether should you wait for the advanced phone Note 9 or would Galaxy S9 will also give you the similar experience.

What is there in Store in a Galaxy S9+ Now


Samsung Galaxy s9 specifications

When it comes to the Galaxy S9+ it is packed with a range of features and benefits that make it a worth buy. The Note 9 will be available in a week’s time after your pre-order after the announcement. Besides, it may again take a week more to get the actual delivery of the smartphone. Being a smartphone fan, you might be willing to wait for a specific phone to come out but if you need a phone right now, don’t wait for a month or half with a broken phone, if it is not working right now, just to plan to get the best and most updated one Galaxy 9 — pick up a Galaxy S9+ and you’ll not be disappointed.

Of course, no clear calculation can be made to know exactly what the Galaxy Note 9 will offer in terms of benefits, specs or features yet, but we can certainly make a calculated and articulate guess based on the earlier releases and some leak stories. We can consider Note 9 to match the GS9+ in terms of internal specifications, with the same processor, RAM and storage options. Of course, the storage could ideally be up to 128GB, but this may not be a benefit as the older version i.e. GS9+ already has that capacity. Yes, the screen might be a little bigger, but the resolution might remain the same and this way also Galaxy S9+’s screen is amazing as well. There might not be a big change in software, the camera is also likely to be the same or a very minor tweak might follow for a new feature.

So considering all the above-expected features, the core of the Note 9 experience will remain almost similar to that of the Galaxy S9+. That bodes well for Samsung fans as they’re getting a preview of how amazing their next phone will be, but it’s equally exciting for anyone who wants to switch the brand to Samsung phone now — you do not have to miss out much if you opt for Galaxy S9. If you don’t have any inclination towards the Galaxy Note line, it will become even easier for you to start with a Galaxy S9+ now and celebrate and enjoy your new phone. Moreover, the Note 9 promises to be more expensive than the GS9+ as well, with minor upgrades, so better to have Galaxy S9 if you do not have any affinity for Galaxy Phones. This way at a reasonable cost you can have all the major features.

Why Wait for the Galaxy Note 9

With so inputs and news shared in the core platform of the Galaxy S9+ and Note 9, it is quite clear the differences are going to be minor — but of course, if you are looking to keep the updated Samsung Note linage, the Note 9 is sure going to improve in a few of the segments. It is expected to improve its battery size and perhaps may have up to 4000mAh, which will offer more capacity to the Note series than the plus-sized Galaxy S. The display experience might up the ante by adding better brightness and outdoor visibility. And then, of course, the S Pen Stylus feature of the Galaxy S9+ may not match.

Making it simpler, if you are a great Samsung fan you would not get satisfied with the current version – Galaxy S9+. Although the screen is going to be almost similar, the GS9+ is surely missing the feature that makes the Note series so popular amongst people – the S Pen. We aren’t aware of the changes that are there in store for Galaxy Note 9. Even then it will be a better, more stylish and updated Note in the range of best smartphone stylus available.

What is your Pick?

Though should you grab a currently available phone or wait for a new one will remain a matter of personal choice and constant debate, it becomes even more heated when we’re talking about Samsung flagships. So, what have you decided? Are you planning to wait for the new Note 9 or happy to pick the reliable and almost similarly featured Note S9+?