Story of Galaxy Watch that Adds Value to Every Lifestyle

The Galaxy Watch is synonymous with connectivity, design, and wellness. Innovation, personalization, and refinement towards perfection have been the core stage in its progression.

To know more about the brand story of the Galaxy wearable, which is a new addition to the Galaxy family of devices, let’s have a closer look at its features and other aspects.

The Design Approach of Galaxy Watch

Design Approach of Galaxy Watch

This Galaxy Watch’s design is meant for millennials, a generation that is more focused towards stylishness and loves being active throughout boundlessly.  For this, Samsung crafted an outer design that embodies a range of styles – from elegance to classical moods to casual moods that displays freedom. In this event, it also conserves the legacy of the real watch philosophy that Galaxy is known to hold over the years to instill the watch with a complete identity.

The design of this wearable is a complete manifestation spirit of activeness, inspired by the sporty racing watch. This has led to index design having an inverted triangle in this watch. The edge of the indexed triangle is designed to articulately align with the hands of the watch so that the wearer can read the accurate time even in active and dynamic situations.

Changes in the Outer Design

Outer Design

Although the earlier model displayed a more masculine identity with its heavy body and bold thickness, the Galaxy Watch focus on more micro details to create a more delicate and elegant design. It features a low-cut knurling finish and a tight-knit bezel to reduce the malfunctions and display a natural style that can be equally suitable for man and women both.

Attractive Straps of Galaxy Watch Design

Attractive Straps of Galaxy Watch Design

When it comes to the style of the Galaxy Watch, most of the users are still fond of and prefer watches with the strap. Considering this preference, Samsung has kept the strap of the wearable silicon that features a new stripe pattern design that you can wrap around your wrist to manifest your spontaneousness and activity.

In addition, each product comes with straps in many colors, which you can mix and match with the occasion and body which will give a specific look and makeover to your personality with the Galaxy Watch’s mood.

Types of Color Combinations Available

Color Combinations

The 46mm Deep Ocean Blue, Silver’s Onyx Black, and Basalt Gray straps deliver an exquisite appeal to the wearable’s charm. In addition, the 42mm Midnight Black comes with Terracotta Red, Onyx Black, Lunar Gray, Lime Yellow, and Cosmo Purple straps. When it comes the 42mm Rose Gold, you can pair it with Pink Beige, Natural Brown and  Cloud Gray straps to fuse with different colors and express multiple moods for every occasion.

You can also match these colorful Galaxy Watch straps with the Galaxy Note 9’s case also, thus giving a new style to your smartphone and smartwatch offering a singular visual identity.

Concerns about the Battery Life of Galaxy Watch 

battery life

The tricky part of Galaxy Watch is, it isn’t something you can regularly charge as you do with your smartphone, so it is always a demand and preference to have a longer battery life. That’s why every manufacturing company take extra care and initiative to offer a powerful and long-lasting battery life every time it releases a new product in the series. This is the case with Samsung Galaxy watch also. With a 10nm (nanometer) chipset, the processor of this wearable is tinier and eats up less power than earlier models. At the same time, it is also more powerful than ever before.  As a matter of fact, the Galaxy Watch 46mm model can offer 80+ hours of battery life with regular usage.

Other Changes to the Hardware 


changes in Hardware 1

Of course, the hardware of the Galaxy Watch has gone through a rigorous transformation to make it more adaptive, glamorous and long-lasting. The most remarkable aspect is the sensor placed on the back of the product. The number of rear sensors has been increased that touch the body to more articulately and thus rapidly detect information regarding the wearer’s conditions. In addition, the surface area of the sensor has been cut down that touches the skin and it has been crafted to protrude slightly to better detect user conditions. This design change has also eliminated the accumulation of humidity.


With the evolution of the wearable device, the Galaxy Watch is now made more stylish and equipped with all features to match with the smart lifestyle. It is a perfect complement to Millennials, who are eager to take on the new challenges of the lives.