The Enticing Design of the Galaxy Note9

When designing the Galaxy Note 9 the approach of Samsung was focused on usability and on empowering users’ expression.

This is why the latest addition to the Note brand is not only simple to use but it is also easy to customize, equipped with Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connected S Pen. In addition, it’s also easy on the eyes, with a well-defined display and frame design. It also comes with a range of four standout color options, which users can mix and match with S Pens and accessories of various colors.  Thus Galaxy Note 9 offers more reasons and opportunities to express their style.

Enhanced Iconic Design

Enhanced Iconic Design 1

The Galaxy Note 9 has taken forward the Note series’ engaging design legacy with a square and sleek design pattern with amazing enhancements that allow users to multitask more proficiently and have a more enjoyable and engaging multimedia experience.

A core of the Samsung’s design legacy is its seamless and captivating visuals. With a screen size of 6.4 inches, the Galaxy Note9’s Quad HD; which is equipped with Super AMOLED Infinity Display; the most advanced series’ yet, offers more room for play, work, and everything in between. You get a wider screen to watch your favorite movie or game, and extra space to write or create something of your choice with the S Pen.

To improve users’ immersion, Samsung reduced the rounded corners of the display to a bare minimum and improved the Galaxy Note 9’s bezels to hide its iris sensor. The screen is a deeper black allowing it to fuse with the bezels when the device is not in use and thus add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the device. Some other improvements in the design include the redesigned camera matching the color of the device, and the repositioned fingerprint sensor, which now sits under the camera.

You can have the smartphone’s design with four impressive color choices – Ocean Blue, Metallic Copper, Midnight Black, and Lavender Purple.

A Redefined Frame

Redefined Frame

The new very first thing that you will notice about Galaxy Note 9 is how comfortably it sits in your hand.  It is due to the frame design that is defined after a thoughtful consideration of both usability and aesthetics.

Through a Die-cutting process, the metal frame was forged. This process uses a fast-rotating artificial diamond device to offer the frame a smooth and glossy surface that enhances the design details. The surface of the frame is tapered that sits smoothly in the device’s front and back, and minutely rounds the middle section that comes to the contact of your palm. It gives the device a glossy and smooth finish and keeps the rounded middle section matte.

A Standout S Pen

Standout S Pen

Every new Note adds new potential and features to the smartphones’ signature tool – the S Pen. These enhancements have offered a new innovative way for the users to handle their mobile lives more freely. This time Samsung focused on enhancements that have taken the liberal aspects of S Pen’s to the next pedestal, converting it into more than just a tool. It can now be considered as a device with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity and its own specific functions.

The design and aesthetic aspects of this S Pen have entered into a new landmark. Now the classic Ocean Blue device comes with a bright Yellow S Pen that stands out from the crowd. It is noteworthy that every model’s S Pen is compatible with any other Galaxy Note 9, hence you can easily exchange your S Pen with another if you think a different color S Pen would suit your style and personality better.

It also comes in a new flagship’s packaging, which displays an image of the S Pen replacing the devices’ traditional logo. This arrangement offers the S Pen a special honor and makes it a style icon of the Note series, and also a core reason why the device has so many fans.

Extraordinary Accessories

Extraordinary Accessories

The accessories of Galaxy Note9 include a great range of stylish covers offering the users to find multiple ways to tailor their smartphone’s looks and appeals. It spans from smooth leather to military-grade covers.

The new Leather Wallet Cover is one of the most attention-grabbing aspects of the bunch. Created from genuine calf leather, it displays a card holder along with a soft microfiber lining to protect the Galaxy Note9 from scratches. You can select from a range of five colors—red, black, yellow, and brown. You can mix and match with your Galaxy Note 9 to manifest your style.

Extra features also include a new Wireless Charger Duo. It comes with a Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand and the Wireless Charging Pad. This set of the two-in-one set allows you to quickly charge your phone alongside another wearable or Qi-compatible phone. You do not need to fumble with cables each time you need to charge your devices’ batteries.


These features are some of the most noticeable and enhanced add-ons giving the latest edition of Galaxy Note 9 a new appeal and advanced functionalities.