What to Expect from All-New Galaxy Buds

Today you do not have to attach your earphones to the end of an electric cord. Now earphones have evolved into wireless earbuds. The best part is, wireless earbuds are now available in many designs adding fashionable value to your gadget. 

Following this trend, Samsung Electronics’ offers new ‘Galaxy Buds’ which is the best performance tools of wireless earphones. It is much smaller and lighter than the earlier generation, making it last longer and comfortable wear. With enhanced battery efficiency, it can last for longer with a single charge.

Let’s have a complete overview of this tiny Galaxy Buds that looks just good with your outfits. 

Excellent Sound Quality

Its sound quality if powered by AKG, which proves to be well balanced and consistent. You can listen to any nature of music without losing the core of it. Be it emotional music, dance music, or rock – you will find the heart of all types of music wearing these buds.

The sound quality is its outstanding clarity. It gives a great experience to switch over to answering a phone call from listening to music. It is great not only when the music is playing but also during phone calls. 

The two embedded microphones also control the volume of your voice given the surrounding environment. It is, therefore, always suggested to choose ear tips that are a perfect, snug fit in the ears. It blocks the outside noise helping the interior nozzle of the earbud to pick up the user’s voice more easily. 

Packed with Features like “Find My Earbuds” and Seamless Connection

Galaxy Buds automatically links with your smartphone when the case is open and delinks when kept back in the case. You can play or pause the playing son, move to the next or earlier one with a simple touch on the surface of an earbud.

When your earbuds are misplaced, you can activate the ‘Find My Earbuds’ feature on the Galaxy Wearables app. Your earbuds will start ringing a beep which will help relocate them. 

By turning on ‘notifications’, you can receive a voice notification in between the music on receiving a message or email which you can turn off also for specific apps. 

Enhanced Battery Life and Simple Battery Charging

Galaxy Buds can lasts up to six hours when consistently been used for listening to music, and five hours when you are consistently making phone calls. Galaxy Buds lasted a whole day with just a single charge when I listened to some music and made a few phone calls during my commute and working hours. The case of the Galaxy works as the charger thus helping to run for longer period of time. It comes with a newly mounted wireless charging feature which is a great convenience. You just have to put your earbuds back inside the case and put it into a wireless charger or a Galaxy S102 and it will be charged within it.


All in all, you can have great sound quality and battery life with the Galaxy Buds. It has a sleek design and a comfortable fit. This could ideally be an ‘ultimate’ wireless earphones if you are looking for something unique and long-lasting.